VORAATH Unfold A Story of Betrayal And Horror w/ “Judas Blood and Vultures” – First of Many In Music Video Series

L-R – Paul McBride – Bass, Joshua Ward – Drums, Chelsea Marrow – Vocals, Tylor Kohl – Guitar
Photo Credit – Picture by Jamie Leblanc, Art by Joshua Ward

Gearing up for a debut full-length in 2024 via Exitus Stratagem RecordsVORAATH unleashes brutal horror-inspired extreme metal. Earlier this year they revealed their new vocalist Chelsea Marrow (Visitant, The Monster Factory – Death Metal Choir for the video game DOOM Eternal with the reenvisioned, remixed, and remastered version of the single and music video “Siren Head” ( along with the addition of guest melodic vocals from Taylor Presnell.

Today, the band embarks on telling their next horror tale with “Judas Blood and Vultures”, the first from a series of music videos they will be offering in the coming months in support of their forthcoming album.

“We are excited to kick off our official series of music videos that encapsulate the lore of the music. We want to integrate many visual elements, from action to horror to science fantasy; this song highlights the pace of the album. The title of the song, Judas Blood and Vultures is a story of betrayal told through the lens of an action-horror. We want the audience to feel as if they are watching a first-person video game, blending our style of metal with our enthusiasm for 80’s sci-fi/horror and video games. We are excited to be working with Exitus Stratagem Records in bringing to life our musical vision. We are aiming to bring more than just metal but an entire experience, an auditory odyssey while still keeping our roots in blackened symphonic death metal.” adds Voraath band founder and drummer Joshua Nassaru Ward.

Ward co-wrote the storyline for “Judas Blood and Vultures” along with directing its video with the combined efforts of the band’s team at Eldersverse Studio.

The story of “Judas Blood and Vultures” takes place in the year 2193 – Mission: 3116 The Red Village incident: The Valewalkers are contacted by an old friend, Tobias to investigate a series of strange disappearances in a neighboring village. It is believed that a vile creature from beyond the Nexus Rift, known by the locals as Lumia is responsible for the missing villagers, among them, Tobias’ new bride and infant child. As the hunters and their forlorn guide begin their pursuit of the creature and its cultist minions, they soon discover that not all is as it seems in the ruins of the red village.

The music video for “Judas Blood and Vultures” can be seen and heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

Digital –

Featuring members from Xael, Rapheumets Well, Implosive Disgorgence, Sweet Blood, Visitant, and The Monster Factory – Death Metal Choir for the video game DOOM Eternal), VORAATH is an otherworldly and experimental death metal band that brings together emotional yet brutal music and science fantasy appealing to both metal enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate the lore of the music. The band’s origin began with an idea to merge extreme metal with storytelling by band founder and drummer Joshua Nassaru Ward (Xael).

“I wanted to create more than just another metal band but an intricate brand with lore to explore alongside the music. We are creating a metal multiverse,” adds Ward.

Integrating science fantasy, soundscapes, and metal, VORAATH looks forward to tantalizing audiences and leaving them anticipating their forthcoming debut album in 2024.

As they tour across the American midwest, they promise an onslaught of theatrics, bringing their stories of the music to life. Atmospheric and driving, the medley of blast beats, chugging bass, and heavily distorted solos will be both intense and immersive.

“Our stage wear is directly from the lore. Each one of us is a character in the lore of our music. Tactical dystopian armor, Alien-like helmets with red glowing lights, we try to represent the vibe we are writing about.”says Ward.

Voraath is recommended for fans of Septicflesh, Cattle Decapitation, and Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Voraath Cover231114

Single Credits:
• All songs performed by: Voraath
• All songs written by: Voraath
• Produced Joshua Nassaru Ward
• Mixed Joshua Nassaru Ward
• Mastered by: Mike Low
• Single Artwork by: Joshua Nassaru Ward

Recording Band lineup:
Singer -Chelsea Marrow
Guitarist – Tylor Kohl
Guitarist – Daniel Presnell
Bassist – Paul McBride
Drummer/vocalist/keys – Joshua Nassaru Ward
Vocals/back up – Taylor Presnell

Live Lineup:
Singer – Chelsea Marrow
Guitarist – Tylor Kohl
Guitarist – Daniel Presnell
Bassist – Paul McBride
Drummer/vocalist/keys – Joshua Nassaru Ward

More info: | | | | | | YouTube |

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