EMPIRES OF EUPHRATES (Dying Fetus, Criminal Element, Misery Index, Suffocation) sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions – “Echoes Of Ancient Past” set for release December 15th, pre-orders + single

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Empires Of Euphrates to the roster with the debut EP Echoes Of Ancient Past!

Hailing from Maryland, Empires Of Euphrates is the brainchild of Vincent Matthews (Dying Fetus, Criminal Element, Sadistic Torment), Kevin Talley (Decrepit Birth, Misery Index, Suffocation, Six Feet Under) and Jim Ross (Bandwhore).

Echoes Of Ancient Past is old school, 90’s melodic atmospheric Death Metal, showcasing five original tracks plus a cover of the Krokus classic ‘Screaming In The Night’. Empires Of Euphrates recruited Joe Cincotta (Obituary, Suffocation, Castrator, Mortal Decay) of Full Force Studios for Recording, Mixing and Mastering duties. For fans of Amorphis, Edge Of Sanity, Hypocrisy, Pan-Thy-Monium, and Septic Flesh

Echoes Of Ancient Past is up now for pre-order and will be released December 15th on CD and Digital formats along with merch.

Listen to the single “A Kingdom with no Kings” at

Pre-order the CD for only $8 at

Pre-order the Digital Download for only $5.55 at

Pre-save this release on Spotify at

Pre-order the T-Shirt at

Pre-order the T-Shirt + CD Bundle at


1. Spiritual Submission

2. A Kingdom With No King

3. Never Meant To Be

4. Screaming In The Night (Krokus cover)

5. Wars And Rumors Of Wars

6. Portals

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