Dutch Female-Fronted Symphonic Metal Sensation BEYOND GOD Signs With Wormholedeath

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Get ready for a thrilling symphonic metal journey as the talented female-fronted band Beyond God sets its sights on a remarkable musical horizon. This Dutch sensation has signed a deal with Wormholedeath for their highly anticipated album “The Great Divide”, slated for release on December 8, 2023.

The magic begins with the release of their latest single, “A Siren’s Cry,” a spellbinding composition that will immerse you in the rich tapestry of the band’s symphonic metal.

Beyond God Cover231118

Beyond God, hailing from the Netherlands is a female-fronted symphonic metal force that defies musical boundaries. With a fusion of heavy metal, classical, and symphonic elements, they masterfully blend thunderous guitars, resonant bass, and dynamic drums with the delicate touch of symphonic strings, brass ensembles, and enchanting vocals. Presenting the current lineup with Meryl Foreman on vocals, Mariusz Krawitowski on guitars, Dennis Winkel on bass, and founder Ferry Guns on drums, piano, and orchestrations, Beyond God’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Since the release of their debut album, “A Moment Of Black,” in 2016, they embarked on a triumphant international tour, amassing an ever-growing global fan base. Their evolution continued with the release of “Dying To Feel Alive” in 2017, featuring aggressive riffs and a dynamic rhythm section, all while retaining their signature dark orchestral atmosphere and melodic vocal lines. A special acoustic album in 2019 reflected on their musical journey thus far. Now, they stand on the precipice of their third full-length metal album, promising an even more profound symphonic metal experience.

“The Great Divide” is an odyssey through the human psyche, a musical voyage that delves into the intricacies of time, love, memory, and existence. Each track intertwines with the next, creating a tapestry of themes that range from the captivating tales of Greek mythology in “Cronos” to the heart-wrenching aftermath of lost love in “After Love Ends.”

Musically, “The Great Divide” embraces the darker, weightier realms of metal with fierce guitar riffs, thundering drums, and ethereal orchestral arrangements. Yet, it’s Meryl Foreman’s entrancing vocals that breathe life into these songs, evoking profound emotions in every note.

From the thought-provoking “The Great Divide” and “Coronation,” addressing contemporary sociopolitical issues, to the deeply personal “A Siren’s Cry” and “Aphantasia,” exploring the depths of love, loss, and the human psyche, this album is a symphonic masterpiece. Beyond God offers a fresh take on the genre, revealing their formidable musical prowess and their power to convey compelling narratives.

Beyond God Cover2231118

1. Cronos
2. Frostbite
3. Coronation
4. Heartbreaker
5. The Great Divide
6. A Siren’s Cry
7. Pierced
8. The Elder Tree
9. Aphantasia
10. After Love Ends

Beyond God is:

Meryl Foreman – Vocals
Ferry Guns – Drums & Orchestration
Dennis Winkel – Bass
Mariusz Krawitowski – Guitars

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