REAP – US Death/grind featuring members of Between The Killings and Lividity, unleash debut album Born From Plague!


Sitting in the eye of the storm while winds of pestilence and human self obsession rage around me; watching the bodies fall while the blind and the soul-dead scrabble through the corpses for something to steal, an advantage to be gained from the tragedy of others. The fury floods through me, a tide of hot blood, while those who can see no further than the bottom of their own wallet, dance and preen along the crumbling brink of the abyss. And all I can think is ‘maybe we all deserve to die…to fall endlessly into darkness and be forgotten…’

Conceived in times of sickness and fed upon the bitter bile that permeates modern society, REAP are an expression of burning anger, an outpouring of frustration and Born From Plague is their first creative offspring – a warped, mutated hate-filled beast! Featuring twenty tracks that hit like shotgun blasts to the face, Born From Plague is a debut album of incredible intensity, as much an assault weapon as a listening experience. While this may be REAP’s debut album, the band brings together three veterans of brutal, extreme music. Jimmy Javins (Necrotic Disgorgement), Kyle Christman (GorgasmBetween The Killings) and Von Young (Between The KillingsLividity) were inspired by the unmitigated chaos that lurks in our streets, infects the corridors of power and eats at the minds of our young, to unleash the tirade of violence that is REAP – a head caving, skull-fucking tank of US death/grind. There’s nothing pretty about the songs that make up Born From Plague – there are no frills or fripperies, no artifice or pretence, just a full force sonic detonation that’ll knock you on your back. From the opening grind of ‘Right To Hate’, through the bloodshed of first single ‘Burst’ and  the battering ‘Blue Over Black’, the searing skin removal of ‘Fuqawf’ and ‘Are You Offended?’ to the scathing conclusion of ‘Coronalierus’, Born From Plague is an unstoppable battering ram of muscle and blood.

Reap Cover231118

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tony Tipton – a member of Regurgitation and Horrific Demise, known for his work with Kraanium and Between The Killings amongst many others – Born From Plague has been given the perfect high impact sound and with artwork courtesy of the renowned Tony Koehl (The Black Dahlia MurderJob For A CowboyPaganizer etc) this is the complete confrontational package. When legendary label Selfmadegod Records opens the doors to its cell on December 1st, Born From Plague will attack the global underground like a rabid dog. REAP have arrived and you better take notice!

Jimmy Javins – Vokills
Kyle Christman – Hatrenome
Von Young – Wires/Backups

Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore
For fans of: Nasum | Rotten Sound | Napalm Death | Cyness

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