NEVER REBORN Go Back To The Old School With Lyric Video For Thrash Laden “Existence Denied”

New Album “Ashes of Our Past” Out Now!

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L-R – Sam Kinghorn (Bass), Steve White (Guitar/Vocals), Ricky Williams (Drums)
Photo Credit by Never Reborn

Thundering out of the thrash gates comes Arizona’s Never Reborn, a hard-hitting three-piece that released their second album “Ashes of Our Past” back in March to great reception. Fueled by that momentum, they have a new lyric video out now for the track “Existence Denied”. The song is about alien abduction, someone who is looking for signs of alien existence, not knowing that he has been abducted his entire life.

Guitarist/vocalist Steve White explains more:

“The aliens are doing tests on this person to try and figure out why we exist as humans. As the lyrics go…

Awaken in the night, surrounded by light,
Movement denied, horror I cannot disguise
On a cold bed I lie
Horrified, yet cannot cry
And those black eyes, so cold inside
Drill comes to life, inside they spy
Under the knife, once more am I”

Watch and listen to“Existence Denied” –

Combining elements of thrash, with touches of black and classic heavy metal, this trio has a deadly and unmistakable sound all their own. Independently released, “Ashes of Our Past” is a big step forward for the band. The maturity in their songwriting is evident, from the opening clean guitar passage of “Storms End” to the closing thrash attack of “Requiem (World of Hurt)”.

According to the band, “Ashes of Our Past” is like a collection of short stories and they don’t feel like they need to stick to any rules. The music on the album is a sonic journey, each song was carefully placed in a specific order on the album to give it an even flow. They spent a lot of time arranging the order of the album tracks and suggested that it be listened to in order. Suitable for any thrash maniacs, it is especially recommended for fans of Kreator, Carcass, and Death.

“Ashes of Our Past” was released on March 18, 2023, and is available on and Spotify.

Never Reborn Cover231120

Track Listing:
1. Storms End – 0:44
2. Never Reborn – 5:49
3. Existence Denied – 6:16
4. Ashes of Our Past – 4:16
5. Haunted Eternally – 6:41
6. Deathmarch Armageddon – 5:12
7. Fallen One – 5:43
8. Children of Fire – 5:52
9. False Prophecies – 2:56
10. Requiem (World of Hurt) – 4:44
Album Length: 48:17

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