SCOTT MICHAELS Unveils Enchanting Single “Lament of Aos” from Upcoming Classical Noir Album “Quiescence”

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Scott Michaels has graced us once again with his latest musical creation, a captivating single that serves as a tantalizing preview of his upcoming album, “Quiescence.” Following closely on the heels of his inaugural Classical Noir release, “Ex Tenebris,” in August, Michaels’ newest work is a symphony of emotion and artistry.

The heart of this composition lies in the guitar viol, a modern incarnation of the venerable viola da gamba, expertly wielded by Michaels. His skillful execution of midi performance further enhances the piece, creating a sonic tapestry that draws the listener into its haunting beauty. The ethereal vocal melodies provided by Naashiif add yet another layer of enchantment to the music.

Scott Michaels’ unique musical style defies easy categorization, blending influences from dark avant-garde classical music, cinematic compositions, dark ambient, and the haunting jazz of the film noir era. To capture this eclectic fusion, Michaels coined the term “Classical Noir.”

“I have nothing else that I could possibly relate this to,” Michaels explains. “I have my influences, to be sure. However, this work is neither pure classical nor pure ambient. I dubbed the term ‘Classical Noir’ to capture my range of influences – from darker avant-garde classical music, cinematic music, dark ambient, and darker jazz music of the film noir era.”

For those who appreciate the evocative sounds of artists like Joseph Bashara, Arnold Schoenberg, Olivier Messiaen, Midnight Syndicate, and Nox Arcana, Scott Michaels’ “Quiescence” promises to be a must-listen. Stay tuned for the full-length album’s release, and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of “Lament of Aos.”

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