SUBLATION To Release “On the Advancement of Decay” – New Song Now Streaming

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Philadelphia-based technical death metal act SUBLATION is ready to unleash their second release, On the Advancement of Decay.

The six-song EP is an experimental journey through a myriad of production styles and genres with a locus on Decay. As the release progresses there is a regression of clarity, melody, and even rhyming meter as Sublation navigates from one theme to the next. The painter Jay Defeo once said “Only by chancing the ridiculous, can I hope for the sublime” and with this release SUBLATION chances the ridiculous, grasping towards an ideal of a metal release that has narrative, compositional, and sonic cohesion.

Check out the EP’s opening track, “Congenital Putrescence” now at


1) Congenital Putrescence

2) Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It

3) Eclipse Awe

4) Idiopathic

5) Born Out of a Whim

6) This Little Death

7) We Were Never Meant To Live This Long

“Sublation is your new favorite death metal duo… This is perfectly executed death metal that spans everything from the melodic and technical, to the downright destructive.”

– Metal Injection


SUBLATION is a death metal band hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Formed in 2008, under the name Fisthammer by frontman Max Svalgard, and drummer Danny Piselli. They recorded their first demo with brothers Mike and Doug Sabolick of A Life Once Lost and under their tutelage, they forged a unique style of technical blackened death metal.

In 2012, Fisthammer released their debut album Devour All You See, through HPGD Productions. The response to the album was strongly positive, and led one reviewer to describe them as “set to be this generation’s Decapitated”. Fisthammer went on to do 150 + shows in support of that album, all self-funded without the help of any label or outside management. In 2014, they released their follow-up album Infallible, which was once again recorded with renowned engineer Carson Slovak at Atrium audio. The follow-up album saw Fisthammer take even more influence from their black metal roots, while still having the technical and trash elements of their previous work. After the release of Infallible, Fisthammer once again did several national tours, including opening up for the legendary MASTER. 

In 2020, SUBLATION returned from its 5-year hiatus with a new name and a newly-shared vision for the band. Never being a band to follow trends, SUBLATION aims to release a brand of death metal that rejects the lyrical confines of death metal while musically and sonically embracing the raw and visceral facets of their roots.



Max Svalgard – guitar, bass, vocals

Danny Piselli – drums

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