SINISTRUM – “Infernal Dawn” album premiere & exclusive interview


Emerging from the most vile and foreboding parts of Kentucky, Sinistrum comes wielding their ruthless craft. Although the band itself is new, its members have a proven history in the world of extreme metal, having demonstrated their prowess in Abominant, Fornicus, Blood Curse, Coffin Stench, and more. After teasing the world in 2022 with their Trichotomy of Death demo EP, Sinistrum has focused their killer fury into their first full-length album: Infernal Dawn.

Infernal Dawn features 10 tracks of sharp and biting death metal meant to get your blood boiling and have you seeing red. However, it is also packed with a number of epic and melodic twists that hone that rage into something grand and grotesque. On February 2nd the album will be released digitally, on cassette tape by Morbid And Miserable Records, and on CD by Adirondack Black Mass. A vinyl edition will also be produced by Adirondack Black Mass at a later date. In the meantime, a lyric video has been released for the title track so that all may sample its monstrous glory. Take heed and be prepared for the incoming death metal storm!

ARTIST: Sinistrum
ALBUM: Infernal Dawn
LABEL: Morbid And Miserable Records / Adirondack Black Mass
RELEASE DATE: February 2, 2024
GENRE: Death metal
FORMAT: Vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital

Recommended for fans of: Pestilence, Hypocrisy, Nunslaughter

Sinistrum Cover240116

Track listing:

  1. Infernal Dawn
  2. Abomination Rising
  3. Godforsaken and Bleeding
  4. Legacy in Barbarity
  5. Death Omen
  6. Morbid Reality
  7. Deus Mortis
  8. Malicious Imprisonment
  9. Hordes of Hell
  10. Traverse the Swarm


Scott Briggs – Vocals
Garrett Netto – Guitar
Timmie Ball – Guitar
Mike May – Bass
Craig Netto – Drums


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