GROHOT and FAUNUL DIN SMIDA released a new split

The black metal bands Grohot and Faunul din Smida have released a split titled “Hranind gurile infometate” through Romanian Black Metal Elite. The material can be fully listened to on YouTube.

We decided to create a sort of concentrated poison through collaboration. To make the effect immediate, it became imperative to work as fast as possible. “Hranind gurile infometate” was written, recorded, and mixed in less than a month, without any external help. The final result reflects our working method; the split sounds raw and merciless, and the black metal offered is pure and unaltered.”

Each band contributed with 3 new tracks for “Hranind gurile infometate.”

Grohot Cover240210


2.Durere impietrita
3.Morminte uitate

Faunul din Smida:

1.Dogma mutilatilor
2.Musc din carnea lui Iblis
3.Nimeni nu e mai presus

The title and nature of the material are closely related to the goal of offering a militant black metal experience and conveying a clear message of “fuck off” in a landscape increasingly filled with sonic and ideological aberrations that have no place near this genre.



Robert Apostoliu – guitar, bass

Octav Necrosis – vocals

Naomi Simeria – drums, lyrics

Faunul din Smida:

Spirit Rău – all

We have decided that this split requires a physical release as well. It will be the third material released through Romanian Black Metal Elite, but this time we aim to surpass the limited editions of the first releases and to improve the quality of the tapes. We will share details as soon as we receive a delivery estimate.”

Hranind gurile infometate” will be released on cassette via Romanian Black Metal Elite.

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