BRUTALISM unleash their debut album, Solace In Absurdity, through Comatose Music on April 5th

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A few short months ago Boise, Idaho’s Brutalism were garnering praise for their violent contributions to the Trisection split album, a release which shone a spotlight on the most virulent extreme music talent in their local area. Since then the five-piece have marched forwards into terrifying new sonic territories, blending their adoration of death metal’s early gods with their own uniquely twisted technicality and visions of horror. The result – one monstrous debut album that will deftly unravel the threads of your sanity as it commits acts of unspeakable carnage upon your helpless flesh…

Solace In Absurdity features eleven tracks of death metal madness; it’s bewildering, overwhelming, challenging but ultimately utterly addictive. The band have eschewed the use of typical modern production, capturing the essence of chaos with a raw, organic sound, the perfect canvas for their uncontrollable sonic creations! Beginning with the surging maelstrom of ‘Introlism’, rife with slithering primal malevolence, Solace In Absurdity then achieves a state of berserk fury with the rabid war dance of ‘Asphyxiating On Vomitous Excretion’. With each fresh assault, each outpouring of wild, unbridled lunacy Brutalism drag you deeper and deeper into their spinning vortex of murderous mayhem. There is no respite from the storm, no moment of peace or chance to draw breath. Until ‘Asyncritus’ finally disposes of your broken body, Solace In Absurdity simply doesn’t stop.

Now allied with Comatose Music and their barbaric legions of devastation Brutalism are set to unleash the fury of Solace In Absurdity on April 5th. Adorned in the maniacally deranged artwork of Moon Ring Design (OpprobriumNocturnal SerpentAscensions Fall etc) Solace In Absurdity will spread its sanity consuming sickness to every corner of the earth… a new age of imbalance and confusion is upon us!

Get your first taste of Solace In Absurdity at Slam Worldwide! First single ‘Accelerated Decrepitude‘ is streaming now!

Pre-order your copy of Solace In Absurdity now!
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