APOGEAN Shares Music Video for “Bluelight Sonata”

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Toronto group Apogean has dropped “Bluelight Sonata,” the fourth and final single off their debut record, Cyberstrictive, scheduled for 08 March 2024 via The Artisan Era physically (vinyl, CD) and digitally. The blackened tech death track, contributing to the album’s central theme of exploring the dark side of technology, highlights blue light from digital devices and its dangers.

According to Apogean:
“‘Bluelight Sonata’ is the introductory piece that presents the overarching theme of our upcoming album, ‘Cyberstrictive.’ It covers the dangers of an increasingly automated landscape and how its effects endanger many aspects of physical and mental health to the public. As a spoof of ‘Moonlight Sonata,’ the song serves as a grandiose satire to illustrate these sentiments as dramatically as possible. Musically, this track reflects our most atmospheric tendencies.”

WATCH the Music Video for “Hueman (The Pleasure of Burn)” RIGHT HERE and FIND the track on your preferreddigital/streaming media AT THIS LOCATION

PRE-ORDER Cyberstrictive (on vinyl, CD, digital) as well as merchandise RIGHT HERE (Bandcamp).

WATCH/STREAM the previously released singles: 
“Thousand-Yard Glare” [
Music Video | Audio]
“With Which Ear You’ll Listen” [Lyric Video | Audio]
“Hueman (The Pleasure of Burn)” [Music Video | Audio]

Apogean Cover231205
Cover Art for Cyberstrictive

Apogean is a five-piece band from Toronto, Ontario, seeking to transcend metal’s traditional realms with their musical machinations. Drawing inspiration from a broad spectrum of artistic influences, this Canadian ensemble is set to embark on an unending journey, exploring the intersections of progressive metal, technical death, deathcore, and blackened death, positioning themselves at the forefront of heavy music’s ever-evolving landscape. 

Despite their recent formation, Apogean features members bringing years of honed skills, diverse collaborations across genres, endorsements from leading musical instrument brands, and notable ventures into video game collaborations and licensing original compositions featured on ESPN. Their debut EP, Into Madness, was released in June 2021 through Blood Blast distribution, with mixing and mastering from renowned metal producer Zack Ohren (The Faceless, All Shall Perish, Immolation, etc.).

Cyberstrictive, the debut album, is Apogean’s first venture with the new vocalist Mac Smith, known for his involvement in various projects and recent stint as the live vocalist for Decrepit Birth. Beyond his vocal responsibilities, Mac, with a background in managing notable metal bands, also independently oversees the management of Apogean.

Across 10 songs, Cyberstrictive discloses the dark aspects of technology, taking a broader look at its impact on our minds, bodies, and souls. Drawing significant inspiration from Ray Bradbury’sFahrenheit 451 and echoing the dystopian excerpts of George Orwell’s1984, the album explores the hazards of modern technology, covering risks such as sensory damage, psychological trauma, desensitization, information paradoxes, predatory practices targeting children, addiction complexities, and the erosion of creativity. Ultimately, the album culminates in a reflection on overarching manipulation and concludes by addressing the burdensome aspects of technology, employing wordplay and metaphor to illustrate the overwhelming drawbacks outweighing the benefits in the modern digital world.

Track Listing:
01. Bluelight Sonata [Music Video | Audio]
02. Thousand-Yard Glare [Music Video | Audio]
03. Distance (Of Walls and Wails) 
04. With Which Ear You’ll Listen [Lyric Video | Audio]
05. Imposter Reborn
06. Within the Bounds of a Simile
07. Hueman (The Pleasure of Burn) [Music Video | Audio]
08. Polybius
09. Spinthariscope
10. An(t)imus

Album Credits:
Vocals/Lyrics – Mac Smith
Guitars – Dexter Forbes
Guitars – Gabriel Silva Castro
Drums – Jacob Wagner
Bass – Robert Tam

Guest Solo on “Bluelight Sonata” by Alex Baillie (Cognizance).
Guest Solo on “Hueman” by Paul Walsh.
Mixing/Mastering by Zach Ohren.
Artwork by Mark Erskine.

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