Black Metal Sensation NASTERGAL Releases Gripping Lyric Video for “Brothers in War”

Nastergal unveils their latest creation, “Brothers in War,” with a captivating lyric video. This song, from their upcoming album “The Untold War,” about to drop via Wormholedeath, takes listeners on a journey into the heart of human emotions amidst the chaos of war.

Brothers in War” delves fearlessly into the intricate layers of warfare and the human psyche. It pays homage to the valor amidst battle while acknowledging the corrosive force of animosity. With poignant lyricism, Nastergal encourages the unapologetic acceptance of one’s emotions, emphasizing camaraderie even amidst opposing forces, and championing the preservation of knowledge amid perpetual strife.

Following their acclaimed “Solitude” EP, “The Untold War” delves deeper into the theme of self-discovery amidst turmoil. Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s work, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra,” the album explores the turbulent journey of Zarathustra’s mind in a world filled with lies and ignorance, adapted by Riaan Coertze.


Nastergal is an international black metal band formed by Jacques Valentyn (guitars) and Riaan Coertze (drums), that expanded their lineup with Marco Toba (bass) and Evgen Zoidze (vocals). Their music, inspired by various extreme metal acts, offers a distinctive approach to the Black Metal genre. Their latest album, “The Untold War,” follows their EP “Solitude,” delving into Zarathustra’s internal battles, exploring self-realization and the conflicts of a world filled with deception and ignorance. Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra,” the album challenges the concept that human values stem from divine or natural sources, focusing on the hidden internal struggles we keep concealed.

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