OPIUM DEATH Blend Thrash And Death With Gut-Wrenching Themes On “The Condemned” Off Debut Album “Genocidal Nemesis” Out April 2024

Opium Death240124
L-R – Donald Nadzieja – Bass and Vocals, Luis Torres – Guitar, Dennis Blanke – Drums, Irvin Gonzalez – Guitar
Photo Credit – Michael Gonzalez

Opium Death, a Chicago, USA-based band, is gearing up to release their first full-length album “Genocidal Nemesis” in April. Known for seamlessly blending thrash and death metal elements, the band has undergone significant evolution since its inception in 2012. Originally formed under the name Cazador, the band has faced lineup changes, but their commitment to modernizing classic 80’s thrash metal remains unwavering. The latest single “The Condemned” confronts dark and bleak subject matter as guitarist Irvin Gonzalez describes:

“At the time that I was writing this song, especially coming up with the lyrics, there was a trend of stories coming out in the news and social media about school bullying being an increasing phenomenon amongst children and how the victims ended up committing suicide. This angered me to write a song for those victims but in a way that reflects their thoughts and feelings in the afterlife.”

Musically, he goes on to say, it is a straightforward metal track and has a captivating groove which he hopes will lead people to reading the lyrics and taking bullying more seriously. While personally not condoning responding with life-taking intent, it is intended to make the listener angry and disgusted enough to take action.

With the release of the album Opium Death intends to showcase it at venues locally and regionally, where people can have their faces melted in real time with sonic blasts of passion and creatively wrapped up in a brutal package. Those with an interest in Gojira, Cannibal Corpse, and Cattle Decapitation.

Listen to “The Condemned” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

“Genocidal Nemesis” is due out on April 19, 2024, and is available for pre-order –

Opium Death Cover240124

Track Listing:
1. Cower (1:16)
2. Genocidal Nemesis I: Fear (3:01)
3. The Condemned (4:32)
4. Ozymandias (8:40)
5. Flatline (1:18)
6. Extinction (5:31)
7. Chronic (4:22)
8. Deadweight (3:28)
9. Shattered (5:36)
10. Vesuvius (3:45)
11. Fe56 (2:07)
12. Genocidal Nemesis II: Desolation (9:29)
Album Length: 53:10

More info:

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