Polish groove metal band SUNDAY AT 9 already released debut album titled “Chosen • Obeyed • Forgotten”

Sunday At 9240221

Sunday at 9 is a groove/progressive metal band from Gdańsk, Poland. After final determination of the band’s personnel at the end of 2021, the band undertook to refine its debut material, which was recorded in 2023 at Tall Pine Records. In parallel with the premiere of the publication, a tour promoting the album began (the end of which is planned for April 2024 at the Gdańsk Wydział Remontowy Club).

Debut album “Chosen, Obeyed, Forgotten” focuses on social themes, with an emphasis on opposition to the abuse of power and force, elitism and corruption. Drums were recorded in Tall Pine Records. All was mixed and mastered by Arek Bogaj.

Album “Chosen • Obeyed • Forgotten” was released February 11, 2024 digitally and independently on CD. Illustrations art in the booklet by Extinct Sacrif. Cover design & band photo by Kobaru.

Album is promoted by two official videoclips which you can watch below

Video to the song “In Vain” was created in cooperation with Fat Wolf Pictures, directed and produced by Marek Mosiński & Robert Zembrzycki

Video to the song “Oddbox

Sunday At 9 Cover240221


  1. Pariah
  2. The Fall
  3. Preacher of Neglect
  4. Nephilim
  5. Oddbox
  6. Auguste’s Penance
  7. Bound for a 1000 Years
  8. Algedonic Recurrence
  9. Intro (In Vain)
  10. In Vain


Mariusz “Kobaru” Kowal – guitars
Kuba Kiśluk – guitars, vocals (backing)
Maciej Tamulewicz – vocals
Marcin Malich – drums
Rafał Cyrocki – bass, vocals (backing) 


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