French hardcore band WORST DOUBT release Immortal Pain EP on DAZE

Worst Doubt240302

“Immortal Pain is literally all mosh fuel…just riff after riff after riff with vocalist Hugo’s gruff bark pushed right into the listener’s face out front.” Distorted Sound

“Mosh parts are plentiful and bounce is in abundance, the energy clearly created to incite mosh pit violence.” Metal Noise

“Uncompromising from the get-go, Immortal Pain is downright vicious and ugly.”V13

Punishing and destructive, French hardcore band Worst Doubt are taking no prisoners on their new EP, Immortal Pain, out today on DAZE and BDHW (Europe). Taking influence from bands like Merauder, Suffocation, and King Nine, Worst Doubt have been creating brutal, metallic hardcore for ten years. Following a demo and the 2021 full-length Extinction, Immortal Pain finds the band building on a rawer sound wit the help of Maxime Smadka at Chateau Vergogne and mixing / mastering from Cody Davidson (Sanguisugabogg). It’s five tracks encompassing the roughness of life and how to deal with it, learning to live in acceptance with pain to make life more bearable.

On writing the EP, the band stated:

“The songs are more metallish than Extinction or our earlier material, so we wanted to try a more straightforward approach to the recording. Expect zero mid guitar tone, no fancy reverb on vocals, just a rawer sound. We pretty much approached the recording session as ‘let’s make a glorified Death Metal demo.’”

Immortal Pain is available on vinyl through DAZE and can be streamed HERE and on Bandcamp.

Worst Doubt Cover240302

Immortal Pain Tracklist:

1. Ruination

2. Consume

3. Machine Way

4. Immortal Pain

5. City Of Blight

Tour Dates:

April 13 : Brussels (BE), A Place In The Sun Fest at Cobra Jaune

April 22 : Lille (FR) at La Brat Cave w/ Sorcerer, Weak Link, Sick Nerves

April 23 Strasbourg (FR) at La Péniche Mécanique with Sorcerer + Guests

April 24 Lyon (FR) at Le Rock’n’eat with Sorcerer + Eurydice

April 25 TBA (FR) with Sorcerer

April 26 TBA (FR) with Sorcerer

April 27 Nantes (FR) at le Ferrailleur with Sorcerer + Woe To All

April 28 Paris (FR) at Le Petit Bain with Sorcerer + Guests

May 19 : Montaigu (FR), Fury Dance Fest

May 31 : Querfurt (DE) Return To Strength Festival

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