PENTAGRAM (Chile) release lyric video for ‘The Portal ‘ & Preorder available

This was the first song we wrote for the new album in a collaborative effort between guitarist JP Uribe, drummer JP Donoso and myself,” comments band leader Anton Reisenegger. “It obviously has early Slayer written all over it, but other influences such as Celtic Frost and Morbid Angel shine through as well. On this new album we’re not afraid to wear our influences on our sleeves, seeing that most of those bands are no longer in existence or have strayed very far from their original path. This album is the embodiment of old-school death thrash metal!” “Lyrically, it touches upon a subject which is recurrent in our songs; insanity,” he continues. “There is a fine line between reality and madness, and we like to explore these boundaries and cross them both ways. Both JP Uribe and myself have a history of mental illness in the family, so we find the theme as familiar as it is terrifying. Thus the title ‘Eternal Life of Madness’… a never ending cycle of misery and doom.” »

The Portal” is the first single off the new album “Eternal Life of Madness“, out on Listenable Records on April 26, 2024!

Pentagram Cover240113

Recorded ar JP Donoso’s Sade Estudio (Sadism, Execrator) and with Sebastián Puente at AudioCustom Studio (Lock Up, Nuclear) between November 2021 and May 2023
Text written by Chris Dick
Cover art by Santiago Caruso
Photos by Claudio Poblete

1 El Imbunche 05:07
2. Possessor 04:55
3. Omniscient Tyrant 05:07
4. The Portal 04:16
5. Eternal Life Of Madness 06:24
6. Icons Of Decay 03:35
7. Devourer Of Life 04:13
8. State Of Grace 05:05
9. The Seeds Of The Deed 06:35
10. Deus Est Machina 04:16
11. No One Shall Survive 05:21

Band line up:
Anton Reisenegger (Guitars/vocals)
Juan Pablo Uribe (Guitars)
Juan Pablo Donoso (Drums)
Juan Francisco Cueto (Bass)

‘Fatal Predictions’ (1987 – Chainsaw)
‘Pentagram’ (2000 – Cyclone Empire)
‘Reborn’ ( 2001 – Picoroco)
‘Under the Spell of the Pentagram’ (2008 – Cyclone Empire)
‘The Malefice’ (2013 – Cyclone Empire) 
‘Imperial anthems’ Split 7″ep with Master (2013 – Cyclone Empire) 
Split 7″ ep with Unaussprechlichen Kulten (2015 – Iron Bonehead)
‘The Demos’ ( 2018 – Inferno) 
‘Past Present and future’ (2019 – Cyclone empire)
Cryptic Predictions Split 7″ep with Dorso (2020 – Dorsalia)
Demos collection (2022 – South of Heaven)

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