Hessian Firm Releasing Compilation Album from Canadian Black Metal Duo TRAILS OF ANGUISH

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Hessian Firm is proud to announce the May 17 release of Scathed Gaping Misery, a compilation of the only two EPs ever released from defunct Canadian Black Metal duo Trails of Anguish. The compilation consists of all tracks from 2001’s Relentless Abhorrence of Misery’s Grievance and 2003’s Scarred Memento.

Scathed Gaping Misery is streaming in its entirety at:

The official video for album track “Spectral Life Scars” is available at:

While many black metal bands appear and disappear without ever recording a full length. Few ever come close to the quality offered by Trails of Anguish. Unrepentantly emotional and honest, but balanced by sheer aggression and belligerence against the world. Hessian Firm is extremely proud to share the entirety of this band’s output on Scathed Gaping MiseryTrails of Anguish is a unique band that definitely deserves a listen.

FFO: Dawn, Dissection, Immortal, At the Gates, Satryicon


Track Listing:

1. Beyond Charismatic Sickness

2. The Scythe Of Engrieved Melancholia

3. Laments of Martyrised Innocence

4. Reaping Life’s Frailty

5. …And Desolated Trails Of Anguish

6. Useless (The Final Soliloquy)

7. Haunting

8. Spectral Life Scars

9. Scathed, Gaping Misery

10. Rebirth

Album Art by Dischord


Dischord: Guitars, Bass

 Scythrawl: Drums, Vocals

Trails Of Anguish240329


 Formed in Quebec in 2000 by Dishcord and Scythrawl (Ether, Unquintessence) after the dissolution of their previous project, Through Sombre Sorrowfield, Trails of Anguish were an aggressive yet melodic black metal band that sought to express their emotions in the most cathartic way possible.

In 2001 the band released their first EP, Relentless Abhorrence of Misery’s Grievance, before reissuing it in 2002 through Grind It! Records with the bonus song “Beyond Charismatic Sickness.” During this period, Trails of Anguish were known across Quebec for their violent live shows and unique brand of brutal black metal.

In 2003 the band pressed 100 CDs for Scarred Memento,

with 50 sent out to various labels and 50 given out at shows to fans. While the future was looking bright for Trails of Anguish, the explosive energy that permeated throughout their live shows and studio sessions had fizzled out, so the band unceremoniously faded away. Twenty-one years later, the emotions of anger, misery, shame and reclusion have all been compiled under the name Scathed Gaping Misery.

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