AORTES new single “I’ve Loved You All” and April tour dates


AORTES – a chaotic post metal force from Lithuania drops their new single “I’ve loved you all”. 

AORTES latest single “I’ve Loved You All” emerges a month after their previous release, “Lifeless,” further cementing the band’s prolific output in the post-metal scene. In this latest offering, AORTES continues to showcase their adeptness at blending gloomy subjects with uplifting melodies. Through haunting vocals and atmospheric instrumentation, “I’ve Loved You All” delves into the complexities of love and longing, weaving a mesmerizing narrative that captivates listeners. With dynamic shifts and textured soundscapes, the song stands as a testament to AORTES ability to evoke powerful emotions through their music, solidifying their place as trailblazers in the genre.

“Imagine removing wilted flowers from a tombstone of your loved one during a sunny spring morning. We love you all.”

As AORTES unleashes “I’ve loved you all” upon the world, they also announce an exciting 9-day tour stretching through Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Teaming up with Lithuanian experimental hardcore heavyweights ERDVE and Polish post hardcore band DOM ZLY, the tour aims to promote AORTES latest material. Journey starts on 5th of April.

AORTES invites listeners to immerse themselves in the sonic journey of “I’ve loved you all” and join them on musical exploration.

2024 Spring Tour Dates:

2024.04.05 Vilnius, Sodas 2123, LT
2024.04.06 Białystok, Motopub, PL
2024.04.07 Łódź, Wooltura, PL
2024.04.08 Wrocław, Łącznik, PL
2024.04.09 Hradec Králové, Country Club Lucie, CZ 
2024.04.10 Prague, Modra Vopice, CZ
2024.04.12 Berlin, Die Klinke, DE
2024.04.13 Poznań, Pod Minogą, PL

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