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Ukrainian Metal project Diminium, led by award winning sound Dimi Rich, released a new EP titled Dominant”, following the debut album “Dissonant”.

“Dominant” delves into the fusion of Black Metal with a modern touch, ambient keyboards, progressive elements and transitions seamlessly into Death Metal with versatile vocals, blastbeats, and intense breakdowns. Through this musical exploration, Diminium paints a vivid picture of the intersection between personal identity and societal upheaval, particularly amidst the backdrop of a nation embroiled in a war.

“Dominant” tracklist:
01. Oblivion
02. Vortex
03. Ordeal
04. Shifts
05. Avoid A Void (Instrumental)

feat. Martino Garattoni (Ne Obliviscaris) and Xavier Dumont (Godspear)

Bandleader Dimi Rich shares insights into the creative process behind “Dominant”: “On this EP, I decided to strip away the layers of overproduction present in our previous work, instead opting for a raw and natural sound. This decision lends the record a sense of authenticity and harshness, allowing the atmospheric and brutal nature of the music to shine through. While the debut album was characterized by indignation and frustration, this release represents a shift towards navigating the complexities of our reality – of course, with a touch of rage.”

With its eclectic and emotive music, “Dominant” serves as a poignant reflection of the human experience in turbulent times. Each track describes the fate of personality inseparable from social processes/phenomena while living inside the country at war.


Listen to the single “ORDEAL” from the new EP:

Diminium was started in late 2022 by Ukrainian sound producer Dimi Rich and delivered his debut hi-caliber single Havoc which gained some attention from Radio Stations around Europe. The debut album Dissonant released on 30th November 2023.


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