ENCHANTYA’s bombastic orchestral album Symphony of Cerberus is out now, along with a stunning Alone music video!

Promo pic by Mara D’Eleán

Portuguese symphonic metal band Enchantya released their third studio album Cerberus earlier last year via Finnish record label Inverse Records. To celebrate the success they decided to release the same album as orchestral version. The name of the album is ‘Symphony of Cerberus’ and it’s released on 26th April 2024 via Finnish Inverse Records.   

Also a stunning music video made by Carlos Guimarães (G Media) is released today and it’s available here:

Rute Fevereiro comments Alone single: 
“This song’s lyrics depict how technology and globalization have led us to communicate with numerous people but simultaneously made us feel more alone than ever. It highlights how the world has become more exposed through media and social networks but lacks empathy and humanization.

There’s a sense that we’re losing balance between the world we come from and the one we’re heading towards. The lyrics criticize the shallow interactions facilitated by social media, where love is equated with fleeting gestures and genuine connections are replaced by superficial engagements.

Moreover, it addresses the voyeuristic tendencies encouraged by digital platforms, where people are more inclined to film or photograph distressing situations rather than offering genuine help. Overall, the song reflects on the need for a more balanced approach to technology and communication, one that preserves our humanity and fosters genuine connections amidst the digital noise.”

LISTEN Symphony of Cerberus album on streaming services:

Rising Star (Orchestral version) music video is available here:

Rute Fevereiro: Singing and Growls
Fernando Campos: Lead Guitar
Fernando Barroso: Bass
Pedro Antunes: Piano, Keys and Orchestration
Bruno Guilherme: Drums


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