TODOMAL – Spanish dark metal entity drops “Infero Tristi” video, new album “A Greater Good” out now


Spanish dark metal entity TODOMAL takes it to a whole other level on their majestic new single “Infero Tristi”. Watch the video HERE.

The song is taken from their sophomore album “A Greater Good”, out now via Ardua Music.

Formed by Christopher B. Wildman and Javier Fernández (AsgarothNexus 6The HereticDejadeath, etc.), TODOMAL bring a new collection of “dark songs” (as they like to define it), which began with the seeds planted in “Ultracrepidarian”, their debut album.

Music has evolved into a complex, dense, and unclassifiable album that takes us on a journey through somber landscapes, existential doubts, tragicomedy, and spiritual and personal unrest.

Todomal Cover230930

The band commented: “This song draws inspiration from a medieval prayer/poem penned by Irish scholar-cleric Sedulius Scottus, who fervently implored God for deliverance from the scourge of plague. His entreaty took the form of a poignant poem entitled “Contra plagam,” wherein he poses the question “Infero tristi tibi quis fatetur?” – which roughly translates to “In the depths of sorrow, who will confess to You?” So, basically, if I die, who then will represent You? I’m far too important to be spared, mate…”

“A Greater Good” will no doubt appeal to fans of bands like CANDLEMASS, KRUX, ANATHEMA, PINK FLOYD, AVATARIUM and, we dare to say, old GHOST! Doom on!


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