MACHUKHA – Unleash music video for second single; “Mochari” to be released June 7 on Consouling Sounds!


Berlin, Germany based post-black metallers MACHUKHA have delivered another intense taste of their highly-anticipated debut full-length record, entitled “Mochari”, which will be coming out on June 7 via Consouling Sounds. After the release of the first single “Bezpliddya”, the band follows up today with a brand new video for the track “Inodi padaye snih tak lahidno krizʹsosnovu khvoyu”.

‘Inodi padaye snih tak lahidno krizʹ sosnovu khvoyu’ translates to ‘Sometimes the Snow Falls So Gently Through the Pine Needles’. It is about acceptance and fragility. Accepting that sometimes the snow falls so gently, it cracks the pine needles“, MACHUKHA comment. “The music of this part feels injured, fragile and was brought to the world as a response to deep internal pain. A soon to be mother that has been in labour for dozens of hours, without the needed medical support, in a cold and deserted place – only to give birth to a stillborn. When the quietness in between the moments becomes deafening and you’re begging for your body to dissolve itself“.

Furthermore, the band shares more insights about the video and its meaning:
The music video for this part is a continuation of the first music video that Machukha has released – in this video, we are going deeper into the conflict that was presented in ‘Bezpliddya’. Two characters are intertwined. One is unable to recognize the other. They are both immobilised, because of this. They are both suffering because of this.

Machukha hired the ritualistic performance artist The Ljilja for these music videos. This is the part in which we are pulling the focus onto the character that she is portraying and are showing that the story is about what her character is going through. The Ljilja’s work is rooted in making the subconscious, conscious and bringing it to the light – by embracing the shadow.

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MACHUKHA, whose name translates to “step-mother” in Ukrainian, infuse elements of post-black metal, dark hardcore and punk into their music, creating a sound that is as raw as it is powerful. With diverse musical, social, and cultural backgrounds and through mutual understanding and collaboration, they have established a creative process that reflects the band’s primary goal: to express their shared experiences of retaining humanity in a harsh world.

The band’s upcoming debut album “Mochari” is about resilience. It explores the human capacity to withstand atrocities and continue surviving day by day. Lead vocalist Natalya, who sings exclusively in her native Ukrainian language, uses her voice as an outlet for genuine anguish and the band’s lyrical and musical narratives reflect their own journey – allowing oneself to embrace pain and learn how to let go of it, by surrendering to it. 

The music of MACHUKHA is a sonic landscape filled with intricate guitar melodies, intense bass lines, and rhythmic drum patterns that will captivate your senses from the very first note. Each musical element supports the others, with every moment and tone carrying a specific intention. Together, they create a sonic landscape that thoughtfully guides listeners through precise emotions from the very first second.

“Mochari” has been recorded by Jan Oberg at Hidden Planet Studio (Downfall of Gaia, The Ocean). Mix and master by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Studios (Deafheaven, Amenra, Wiegedood).

The album is available for pre-order here:
– CD – 
– Black LP (Limited to 100 copies) – 
– Dirty Pink LP (Limited to 200 copies) – 


01. Trymatys’

02. Dykhay

03. Bezpliddya

04. Inodi padaye snih tak lahidno krizʹ sosnovu khvoyu

05. Tsyu tayemnytsyu duzhe vazhko berehty

06. Kvit

07. Nezrushnist’

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