DEMERSAL – Danish Screamo/Hardcore Collective Share Entire Self-Titled Album Via Brooklyn Vegan


Danish screamo/hardcore collective Demersal today share their entire self-titled album ahead of the release date set for tomorrow, May 10th. 

The full album is now playing at Brooklyn Vegan, who had this to say about the new effort: “Demersal come roaring in with the metallic riffage and throat-shredding screams of “Bedrager.” The album is rooted in the grand, towering style of screamo that Europe tends to be best known for, and it incorporates everything from black metal to ambient post-rock to horns to electronics, all while tackling topics that range from depression to capitalism to the “hyper digital society” we live in to having some glimmer of hope in this fucked up world. It’s an intense, impactful LP, and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re into heavy music in any capacity.

Listen to “Demersal” in its entirety here. 

Hailing from Odense and Copenhagen, Demersal weave squalls of sound and emotions that reflect the intense frustration that increasingly sweeps the crumbling world. They draw on the dispute of hardcore and anguish of screamo within their sound and align it to blackened post rock contemplation to cast a richly intense but equally cathartic confrontation as chaos and atmospheric intimation unite.

Since releasing their debut EP, ‘To Mend A Yellow Wound’, in 2017 and first album ‘Less’  three years later, their sound has taken listeners to the darkest, most troubled depths of life with Demersal venturing such realms with increasing invention and in turn expressive intensity. May 10th sees the release of the band’s self-titled sophomore full-length and their most adventurous, diverse and impacting proposal yet.

Demersal has opened up with their most emotionally involving and creatively intrepid venture yet within an album that explores themes of care, vulnerability and togetherness as a way of trying to make sense of our dying world.

Pre-orders are still available here:


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