Brutal death metal giants MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY announce new release; unveil explicit official video

Monument Of Misanthropy Cover240513

Monument of Misanthropy are at it again, creating another serial killer-based album (this time it’s Ed Kemper) while streamlining their blend of brutal and technical death metal music. They’ve created a rather explicit official video too whose censored version can be found HERE. Brace yourselves for some sick, compelling and impactful brutal death metal music. 

Monument Of Misanthropy240513
Monument of Misanthropy (Austria) – Vile Postmortem Irrumatio (Brutal/Technical Death Metal)

Brutal death metal titans Monument of Misanthropy return once again with a sickening concept album based on a serial killer, and this time it revolves around Ed Kemper. The band delves into aspects of his life, using violent music to add meaning to it; their visceral and incisive music with highly expressive vocals perfectly capturing the terrifying aura around the figure. They are one of the few bands who have the chops to pull off music of this kind and don’t have to rely on the imagery or sound samples alone. But they haven’t left any stone unturned here to give a wholly scarring experience, from the repulsive and highly detailed album artwork to the shocking and explicit official video that’s been censored for reasons of sanity and normal functioning. Their standards were already high, but they’re raised the bar even higher on this one – the music comprising an expected barrage of blasts and frenetic riffage albeit punctuated for emphasis on groove and structuring, the vocals enunciated for a greater degree of vileness, and the songs coming together and making sense despite a pervading sense of degradation and wanton bloodshed. Fans of the band won’t be disappointed with this in the least, while giving others reasons to check out an accomplished slab of brutal/technical death metal and have a new sense of fear instilled in them.

For fans of – Cattle DecapitationBenightedAbortedBlood Red ThroneDepravity

Line up –
George “Misanthrope” Wilfinger – Vocals
Julius Kössler (Spire of Lazarus) – Lead guitars
Joe Gatsch – Lead guitars
Raphael Hendlmayer – Bass

Eugene Ryabchenko (Fleshgod Apocalypse) – Studio session drums

Artwork by Daemorph Art (The Last of Lucy, Cutterred Flesh)

Track listing:
1. First Time It Makes You Sick To Your Stomach
2. How To Make A Killer
3. The Atascasdero Years
4. Hits One And Two view
5. Why Did You Keep Their Heads
6. Manipulating The Experts
7. Vile Postmortem Irrumatio
8. The Devil’s Slide
9. Oh, I Suppose You’re Gonna Want Sit Up And Talk All Night Now
10. A Nice Beheading For MoM
11. Pueblo Paranoia
12. Your Treachery Will Die With You

Release date – August 9th, 2024

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