PROPHECY FEST announce ‘acoustique’ by ALCEST (vocals Neige & Zéro) & Nicolas Horvath (grand piano)

Prophecy Fest are thrilled to announce a very special performance by Neige and Zéro (vocals) from ALCEST and celebrated French pianist and electroacoustic composer Nicolas Horvath at this year’s edition of Prophecy Fest at the legendary natural Cave of Balve (“Balver Höhle”). The voices of one of France’s leading metal innovators will by joined by Nicolas Horvath on grand piano for a magic rendering of Alcest songs and classical surprises. This will be an exclusive performance in Germany.

Prophecy Fest will bring dark, forward thinking music with an attitude to one of the world’s most fascinating cultural locations. The three day event will begin on Thursday, September 5 and it will conclude with a final concert starting before midnight of Saturday, September 7.

ALCEST comment: Zéro and I will perform a special collaborative show with the renowned French pianist Nicolas Horvath”, mastermind Neige announces. “Together we will reinterpret songs from the Alcest repertoire. Nicolas comes from a background in classical music and he has played the music of composers such as Philip Glass or Erik Satie all around the globe. Yet he has also a strong interest in more experimental music and the world of metal. A couple of years ago, he contacted me to tell me that he loved Alcest and that he would like to interpret our songs but with our original voices. I admit that I was immediately fascinated by this idea. I had always imagined the music of Alcest as something that could be played in other settings and also to be re-arranged for the piano. We are thrilled to be able to present this project to you at this year’s Prophecy Fest!”

Prophecy Fest add: “We are delighted that our friends from Alcest and the groundbreaking musician Nicolas Horvath have agreed to bring this unique concert experience to the Calve of Balve”, founder Martin Koller explains. “This is a rare opportunity and the perfect location to witness classic songs of this pioneering band that will present surprising new musical perspectives. We strongly recommend to book your tickets now, if you don’t want to miss this show.”

These acts have already been confirmed, with many more to be added in due time (in alphabetical order): ALCEST & Nicolas Horvath, ARTHUR BROWN, ARÐ, AUREOLE, AUSTERE, DOOL, EMPYRIUM, FARSOT, FEN, GERM, IN THE WOODS…, PARADISE LOST, PERCHTA, TCHORNOBOG, THIEF, and TRIPTYKON. 

Presale for Prophecy Fest 2024 is up and running. About 85% of all available tickets have already found a new owner.The 2024 ticket price has been set to 139 €. Please see below for more details.

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Basic ticket 139 Euro

Comfort supplement 60 Euro

Camping ticket 15 Euro

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Prophecy Fest was founded in 2015 and already sold out at the first edition. This singular event for dark and innovative music takes place in the Balver Kulturhöhle (“Balve culture cave”) in the Hönnetal (“Valley of Hönne”) near the town of Balve in the Sauerland region of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The naturally formed karst cave has been used by humans since the early stone age (palaeolithic). This important archaeological site has yielded remains from many periods through the ages until medieval times. According to Germanic legend transmitted through the old Icelandic Thidreksaga, the mythical blacksmith Wayland came to this cave to learn his magical craft from the dwarven masters that were dwelling there.

The gravity of its history and the special acoustics of the Balver Cave provide a unique atmosphere that perfectly echoes the musical spirit of Prophecy Festy.

For detailed information on accommodationtravel, and parking please consult the Prophecy Festival page

The page will be updated regularly towards the festival. 

New confirmed band:


Stéphane “Neige” Paut and Pierre “Zéro” Corson from renowned French blackgaze pioneers ALCEST will add their voices and songs to the grand piano of compatriot composer and pianist Nicolas Horvath. The show is named “acoustique” using the French word as it is devoid of electronic instruments with literally no strings attached (except for the piano wires). Founded in the year 2000, ALCEST released their iconic debut album and also four more acclaimed full-lengths via Prophecy Productions. Each of the stylistically diverse recordings has become widely regarded as a milestone. The French will soon release their seventh album “Les Chants de l’Aurore” on June 21.

Nicolas Horvath240513

The instigator of “acoustique” is the internationally acclaimed composer and pianist Nicolas Horvath. This unusual artist with his unconventional résumé is the perfect match for Prophecy Fest and the Cave of Balve. He began his music studies at the Académie de Musique Prince Rainier III de Monaco. His mentors include a number of distinguished international pianists and he is the holder of a number of awards, including First Prize of the Scriabin, and the Luigi Nono International Competitions. Known for his boundary-less musical explorations, Nicolas Horvath has commissioned and premiered a vast repertoire from more than 120 composers. He has produced twenty albums that are unanimously praised by the press, and he is also known as an electroacoustic composer, a radio producer, and a virtuoso transcriber of pop music, video game scores, anime, and metal.

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