Black Metal Veterans KOLDBRANN Reveal Details Of Upcoming Album


When Dark Essence Records announced that Norwegian Black Metal veterans KOLDBRANN would be joining the label for the release of the band’s fourth full-length album “Ingen Skånsel”, they also gave fans a taste of what they could expect from the band who had effectively been on  hiatus for almost a decade.

That taste came in the form of a limited edition 7″, two-track vinyl “Den 6. Massedød (Manna fra en annen himmel)” that showed that KOLDBRANN had lost neither their edge, nor their defiant, “backs to the world” swagger, and that they were just as fearsome, and just as uncompromising, as they had ever been.

Or, as Distorted Sound Magazine put it:

“the band have re-asserted themselves as one of the undisputed masters of Norwegian black metal, cramming more frenetic moments and musical twists into just two songs than many of their contemporaries could manage on a whole album”.

Since the two tracks had been recorded at the same time as the album itself, it was fairly safe to assume that “Ingen Skånsel” would contain more of that same ferocity that has kept KOLDBRANN at the forefront of Norwegian Black Metal underground scene since 2001.

And, indeed, anyone hearing “Ingen Skånsel” for the first time will instantly recognise  Mannevond’s trademark blacker than black raw vocals, which, combined with Kvass’ clever Norwegian lyrics, and the band’s unique riffs, confirm that KOLDBRANN have carved out their own individual sound.

It is a sound which, whilst deeply rooted in the True Norwegian Black Metal Tradition, nevertheless manages to remain fresh, raw and different, and, more importantly, completely untainted by whatever “play it by numbers” trend happens to be current on any particular day. 

The title “Ingen Skånsel”, which means “No Mercy” says it all really, because this is a merciless, deeply aggressive album, that offers no quarter and takes no prisoners.   With layout  by Salowe Vision, track listing for “Ingen Skånsel” is as follows:

Koldbrann Cover240528
  1. Ingen Skånsel
  2. Et Uomtvistelig Falsum
  3. I Unaturens Vold
  4. Prosesjon Under Blyhimmel
  5. Det Kryper Kaldt
  6. Maskiner av Nihil
  7. Forstanden Seiler Sin Egen Sjø
  8. Fortærer av Minne og Form
  9. Rykk Skaperverket Opp med Roten
  10. Vorde Eders Farkost en Katafalk
  11. Serenade til Dødens Elende
  12. Elevert Hinsides Tilstand (CD only track)

The track “I Unaturens Vold” will be released as a single on the 20th June.

The album “Ingen Skånsel” will hit the streets on the 23rd August in CD, Digital, Cassette and Smoke Marble Vinyl formats. It is now available to pre-order at:

Smartlink to various services:

KOLDBRANN‘s live appearances have earned the band a well-deserved notoriety and 2024/2025 will see the lineup of Mannevond on Vocals, Kvass and Voidar on Guitars, Leonid Melnikov on Drums, and John Grave on live Bass appearing in  the Czech Republic, Poland, UK, Austria and Switzerland, as well as first-time performances in Canada and Romania, with more to come!

More information about KOLDBRANN can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A video of KOLDBRANN live at Wacken in 2023 can be seen at

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