Norway-Based Metallers DREAMSLAIN Launch Video For ‘Braving the Storm’


Norway-based epic progressive metal trio Dreamslain embrace the elements in their new video for ‘Braving The Storm‘. Created from an infusion of progressive metal, extreme metal and classical influences, Dreamslain are preparing to unveil the powerful new album Forge Of Rebellion on Friday 14th June 2024. The album release show will take place in their home town of Tromsø, Norway, on Saturday 15th June. Purchase tickets here

The band comments on ‘Braving The Storm‘: 

“[‘Braving The Storm’ is] The sister song of Burn the Boats [and] thematises the push-backs, that is, murders, by Frontex, the European border management agency. The song thus connects the album to the very first single we released, ‘Break Down The Walls’. This song has also the most experimental keyboard solo on the album, taking inspiration from the compositions of Dmitri Shostakovich”

Watch ‘Braving The Storm‘ here:

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About Dreamslain:
Founded in 2010 by Igor Jakobsen and Daniel Paulsen Figenschou, Dreamslain’s line-up was completed in 2013 with the addition of Anna Loppacher. The trio’s debut EP, Tales of War, was initially unleashed in 2016, and subsequently remixed and re-released two years later. Whether based in fantasy or reality, Dreamslain convey their core message of fighting for justice and the rights for all to have fulfilling lives with powerful music. Dreamslain’s first full-length album, Tales of Knights and Distant Worlds, released as a double album on CD, was unveiled in January of 2021 and saw the metallers expand their reach to new lands. Now, in 2024, the band continue to push their musicality and creativity with the forthcoming album Forge OfRebellion.  

Dreamslain ventured into the live scene early in their career and have performed in Switzerland, in Sweden and their home of Norway. They have delivered performances with Circus Maximus in Tromsø in 2018, Bergen with Vulture Industries in 2021, and Madder Mortem in 2022 also in Tromsø. The end of 2023 saw the band perform alongside Darkest Era and Jaime at the Tromsø Metal & Prog, with early 2024 seeing the trio venture to Portugal to share the stage with Deathawaits, Black Widows and Rageful.

“Blending epic metal with prog rock, Dreamslain are a unique proposition for listeners who like a bit of head-banging but with a bit more complexity to it.” – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

Igor Jakobsen – Vocals, guitars
Anna Loppacher – keys, organ, piano
Daniel Paulsen Figenschou – drums

Genre: Epic Metal / Progressive Rock

FFO: Amorphis, Enslaved, Borknagar


Composed and performed by: Dreamslain
Mixed and mastered by Steve Walker of Merciless Mixing
Photo by Stefania Moustaka

Forge Of Rebellion Track List:
1. Secrets Of The Forge
2. Burn The Boats
3. Braving The Storm
4. Ghost Story
5. The Dragon Of Ice
6. Humankinds Fall

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