WITHERFALL release “Sounds Of The Forgotten”

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The long wait is over: Los Angeles-based dark melodic metal outfit Witherfall are proud to release their new album “Sounds Of The Forgotten” today, May 31st.

As CDs and vinyls are on their way to the band’s fans homes, Witherfall also proudly present a new music video for the album’s title track “Sounds Of The Forgotten”. Check it out here:

“What started out as a dreamy acoustic guitar passage turned into an epic arena rock-metal-prog anthem.”, Witherfall explain about the song. “Another nod to our darker influences from the 90s including bands like Type O Negative and Alice In Chains. This track was the inspiration for the theme of the album cover. The dark and majestic Purple can almost be heard  in the somber waterway that leads our tragic figure downstream to the glowing moon. Please post your thoughts online regarding the album. it took many months and much of our sanity to bring this work to you. We hope you enjoy it. Until the next one…”

Fans eager of getting their hands on Witherfall’s new opus, who haven’t preordered yet, please also note the band’s following remark: “Due to the higher-than-expected demand for “Sounds Of The Forgotten” some outlets may be  temporarily out of stock/sold out. The release date has not changed. Please reserve your copy asap at your favorite outlet. This only affects the European markets the album is still available in the USA via”

Previously Witherfall have already released the singles “Insidious”“Ceremony Of Fire”, “Where Do I Begin”“What Have You Done?”, “When It All Falls Away”, “Kings And Queens”, “They Will Let You Down” and “Opulent”.

Witherfall Cover231201

1. They Will Let You Down 
2. Where Do I Begin 
3. A Lonely Path 
4. Insidious 
5. Ceremony Of Fire 
6. Sounds Of The Forgotten 
7. Aftermath 
8. When It All Falls Away 
9. Opulent 
10. What Have You Done 

The first few select concerts in support of “Sounds Of The Forgotten” have just been announced:
07.09.2024 – (MX) Léon De Los Aldama, Candelabrum Metal Fest
11.09.2024 – (ES) Madrid, Sala Silikona (first time live in Spain!)
12.09.2024 – (ES) Pontevedra, Sala Rebullón
13.09.2024 – (DE) Püchersreuth, Storm Crusher Festival
01.11.2024 – (FR) Toulouse, Ready For Prog? Festival

Get your tickets here:

Witherfall will also be accompanying Angra on their European Tour in October/November 2024.

27.10.2024 – Seville (ES) Sala Custom
29.10.2024 – Vitoria/Gasteiz (ES) URBAN ROCK Concept
29.10.2024 – Barcelona (ES) Sala Boveda
31.10.2024 – Rorschach (CH) Industrie36 – Kulturfabrik Rorschach
01.11.2024 – Colmar (FR) Le Grillen
02.11.2024 – Toulouse (FR) Ready For Prog? Festival
03.11. 2024 – Marseille (FR) Cherrydon
05.11. 2024 – London (UK) The Underworld Camden

“We found ourselves writing really depressing, melancholy songs about how just disappointed we were with all the work we put into Curse of Autumn and then going through the pandemic,” says frontman/songwriter Joseph Michael about the record. “Before that, we thought nothing was going to stop us. Then, something did. We felt a bit defeated. So, that’s how Sounds Of The Forgotten started. But we got out of that quickly. The songs we ended up writing were empowering. We have songs with negative emotions, but the overarching theme is moving forward and perseverance. That’s the epitome of Sounds Of The Forgotten.”

Many factors influenced and inspired Witherfall’s approach to “Sounds Of The Forgotten”. The album color theme conveys another side to Witherfall’s fourth-album distress. Often associated with ambition, power, and regality, the Blake Armstrong (In Flames, Megadeth, Kataklysm, Harry Potter, Wednesday) cover art provides a view into and a visual counter to the music on “Sounds Of The Forgotten”.

Order the album on Vinyl/CD and/or pre-save it digitally here:
Official Bandshop:
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Stream here:

Witherfall was formed in Los Angeles in 2013. Joseph Michael (also of Sanctuary fame) and Jake Dreyer (ex-Iced Earth/Demons & Wizards) built their new band around drummer Adam Sagan (RIP) and accomplished bassist Anthony Crawford (Allan Holdsworth, CHON). Since then, the group have released three highly regarded albums: Nocturnes and Requiems (2017), A Prelude to Sorrow (2018), and Curse of Autumn (2021) and an ep Vintage (2019). Not one to cut corners, Witherfall enlisted famed drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Steven Wilson) on Curse of Autumn, ensuring the foundations of singles “As I Lie Awake,” “The Other Side of Fear,” and “The River” were second to none. On the upcoming album, Minnemann returns to the fold with an album-only appearance, while drummer Chris Tsaganeas (Wax Owls) and multi-instrumentalist Gerry Hirschfeld (Willie Nelson) Witherfall’s newest permanent members.

Every Witherfall album is a defining moment. From the moment Nocturnes and Requiems thundered across metaldom to the group’s wine endeavors (Tempest Red Blend) with Charlie & Echo Winery, their video collaboration with Cig Neutron (Devil’s Workshop) on “The Other Side of Fear,” a beer partnership with Adroit Theory Brewing Company (Shadows Black IPA), and custom Funko Pop set, Michael and Dreyer have made Witherfall their mission. The journey to this point hasn’t been without toil and upheaval. Determination, however, is the key.

Witherfall are guitarist/songwriter Jake Dreyer, vocalist/songwriter Joseph Michael, bassist Anthony Crawford, drummer Marco Minnemann (recording only), drummer/percussionist Chris Tsaganeas, and keyboardist Gerry Hirschfeld.

DeathWave Records was created by Witherfall headmen Joseph Michael and Jake Dreyer as a vehicle for their music and other projects. Look for more exciting and trailblazing releases from DeathWave Records in the future.

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