Melodic death metal band VARICES release debut full-length album ‘THE UNDOING’

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Swedish melodic death metal band VARICES release their first full-length album ‘THE UNDOING.’  Although influenced by the Gothenburg style of death metal, the album takes a dynamic approach to the genre by incorporating a healthy dose of traditional heavy metal and modern extreme metal.  ‘THE UNDOING’ aligns musically with its lyrical themes, which focus on the violent end of this world and the rebirth of a new one that is just as dysfunctional. 

Formed in 2017 in Sweden, VARICES carries on the legacy of Swedish metal to a new generation.  Their sound is influenced by extreme metal, 70’s & 80’s hard rock, in addition to the acclaimed Gothenburg-sound.  Through supporting the release of three EPs, the band grew their fanbase on touring and playing intense live shows. 

THE UNDOING’ is the culmination of their previous works but also a step forward toward a more old-school, but still melodic, sound.  Their respect to the old ways of Sweden’s metal history keeps their music melodic and catchy; their modern influences blend the melancholic emotion with unbridled heaviness. 

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