New SORGSVART single & lyric video “Landesorg” out!


This epic hymn was composed by Sorg, the Mozart of black metal, when he still was a juvenile in his teens back in 2002. Here are some thoughts and reflections from the multi-instrumentalist and composer himself concerning the background of this 10-minute-long epos:

– Einheit Produktionen

Germany June 2024

“In June 793, long wooden ships with intricate carvings and powerful symbols set sail from the west coast (probably around the area of Hordaland and Rogaland) of the, until then, unknown land which would become known as Norway, Norvegr, the way against the North.

On the 8th of June, these mighty boats broke through the fog on the shores of Lindisfarne. Even though there had been sporadic attacks along the Anglo-Saxon coast before this, this raid would make Norway infamous and a part of common consciousness.

But most people seem to forget that the average Norseman was not an elite warrior but ordinary peasants struggling to plough and cultivate their land in a harsh climate upon treacherous mountainsides to secure and support their families in their own very narrow and closed circle of life, existence, and purpose.

The “warriors” were the privileged few, the elite and upper class of the era, who were given the opportunity to travel out to explore, trade, and…raid, often on behalf of even wealthier kings, earls, or local chieftains. They came back as filthy rich Christian executioners , dominating and oppressing the unpretentious pagan peasantry of their native homeland.”


Hordaland June 2024

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