RAT LORD – Norwegian Powerviolence/Grindcore Trio Announce New Album “Blazed In The Northern Sky”

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On August 30th, Norwegian powerviolence/grindcore trio RAT LORD will release their second album “Blazed In The Northern Sky” worldwide via Loyal Blood Records. 

Based in Bergen, the band features guitarist/vocalist Yngve Andersen and drummer Sigurd Haakaas, both from Blood Command, along with bassist Martine Green

The follow-up to the band’s 2022 debut album “This Is Not A Record,” sees RAT LORD churning out the same gritty and destructive powerviolence/grind sound that received strong praise from various publications along their humorous lyrical content, this time parodying some of the most famous songs and events from the Norwegian Black Metal history, the album title for instance clearly nods at Darkthrone’s “A Blaze in the Northern Sky.”
The album’s leading single “Raised on Kneipp,” is now playing via IDIOTEQ at this location

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Comments the band: “Raised On Kneipp” is a reference to when the Norwegian black metal band Darkthrone was asked what they thought about fellow Norwegians Dimmu Borgir’s music and replied: “It’s good with cream cake once in a while, but you need (kneipp) bread from day to day to survive, and our music is kneipp bread.””

Kneipp bread, for the uninitiated, is a staple in Norwegian households, much like how black metal is a staple in the country’s music scene. Invented by Dr. Kneipp in ancient times, this bread was even rumored to prevent people from masturbating too much—an odd but intriguing bit of trivia that adds to the track’s quirky charm.

“Most Norwegians are raised on kneipp bread, and this type of bread was invented by Dr. Kneipp in ancient times to prevent people from masturbating so much. This is actually a fact. Look it up. The song is also a reference to Darkthrone’s “Raised On Rock” and is about when you try to be polite to someone, but in reality, you want them to die ASAP.”


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