ERADICATOR will release the new studio album “The Paradox” on 20.09.2024 on Metalville Records

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The Paradox” is the sixth and undoubtedly most versatile album by thrashers ERADICATOR. It will be released on September 20, 2024 – the year of the band’s 20th anniversary. The ten new songs deal lyrically with the contradictory nature of being human and present many musical facets, not only of thrash metal. 

The Paradox” bears the signature of ERADICATOR and shows their unbroken joy of playing. The band has now also made a name for itself live. However, the four guys from the Sauerland region in Western Germany are not afraid to refine and develop their new compositions stylistically. On “The Paradox”, ERADICATOR begin atmospherically with “Beyond The Shadow’s Void”: The track develops into a pounding headbanger, only to finally erupt into a thrash thunderstorm. In addition to death metal growls, including in the title track, “The Eleventh Hour (Ramble On)” is the first half-ballad in the band’s repertoire. However, ERADICATOR have by no means forgotten how to swing the thrash club, as they tirelessly prove with “Drown In Chaos”, “Hell Smiles Back” and “Fake Dealer”, among others. 

The lyrical themes on “The Paradox” reflect the dichotomy and ambivalence of human action and thought. “Perpetual Sacrifice” is about denigrating the weaker in order to make oneself feel greater and about the reversal between victim and perpetrator. “When The Shooting Begins” is about the paradox of wanting to create peace through war – whereby the truth is usually one of the first victims after the outcry of the weapons. The concluding “Debris Of Demise” is a fictional tale of mankind having to evacuate the planet due to environmental destruction, but the saving ark being unable to leave orbit due to the large amount of space debris. Singer and guitarist Seba Stöber says, “We don’t want to make a name for ourselves as moralizers, but rather reflect the issues and problems of our time. As artists, our task is also to stimulate a discourse!”

Like its predecessor, the album was mixed and mastered by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann (Orden Ogan, Asphyx, Brainstorm), who once again managed to give ERADICATOR an authentic sound. After 20 years, the four musicians know what they want to sound like and that’s exactly what “The Paradox” sounds like. 


1.   Beyond The Shadow‘s Void
2.   Drown In Chaos
3.   When The Shooting Begins
4.   Kill Cloud
5.   The Paradox
6.   Hell Smiles Back
7.   The Eleventh Hour (Ramble On)
8.   Perpetual Sacrifice
9.   Fake Dealer
10. Debris Of Demise



Sebastian “Seba” Stöber – guitar/vocals

Robert “Robb” Wied – guitar

Sebastian Zoppe – bass

Jan-Peter “Pitti” Stöber – drums


The Atomic Blast (2009)

Madness Is My Name (2012)

Slavery (2015)

Into Oblivion (2018)

Influence Denied (2021)


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