Icelandic Death Metal Squad DEVINE DEFILEMENT Release ‘Age of Atrocities’

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Icelandic Death Metal squad Devine Defilement have released sophomore album, Age of Atrocities, on Rising Nemesis Records! The album is streaming in its entirety and can be purchased at:

The theme of Age of Atrocities reflects the atrocities of mankind throughout the ages and pinpoints the brutality and insanity of the human being. The album packs a healthy dose of technicality, guttural vocals, and blasting drums, all mixed with infectious grooves and slams.

“An album in which almost all facets of death metal find a place. Varied carnage of the highest order!” (9/10)

– Undergrounded

“Devine Defilement keeps a classic feel and rawness to their music that fans of death metal will love, but mixes in modern styles to create a fresh take.”

– The Metalverse

The band has released a whopping five official videos for tracks from the album, which are available below!

“Byzantine Blinding”


“Embedded in Filth”

S.C.U (ft. Trausti from False Majesty & Floor from Korpse)

“Malformed Grin”

Track Listing:

1. Summoning

2. The Wolf of Bedburg (ft. Steinar Ólafsson)

3. Byzantine Blinding

4. Malformed Grin

5. Labyrinth of Disfigurement 

6. All Rise

7. S.C.U (ft. Trausti from False Majesty & Floor from Korpse)

8. Betrothed to Blasphemy 

9. Embedded in Filth

10. Wraith

11. SIC (Slipknot Cover)

Mixed and Recorded by Sigurjon Oli Liquid Slam Studios.

Mastered by Floor at GLDCHN Studios.

Artwork by Freyr Hreinsson.

Devine Defilement240611


Ingólfur Ólafsson (Vocals)

Guðmundur Hermann Lárusson (Guitar)

Arek Alenjikov (Bass & backing vocals)

Sigurjón Óli Gunnarsson (Guitar)

Stefán Friðriksson (Drums) 

Freyr Hreinsson (Vocals)


The slam crew of Devine Defilement has been on the forefront of the Icelandic death metal scene for the past few years. Pulling influences from a variety of death metal sub-genres they have concocted a brutal cocktail of groove, slams, blasts and ferocity that has made them a force to be reckoned with! Armed with the release of their sophomore album Age of Atrocities, they are poised to deliver a punishing 2024 for everyone who heeds their call.

Devine Defilement Spotify

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