Edmonton’s CULLED Hit Back With Politically Charged Grind Video “Halo of Flies” Off New EP “Psycles” Out July 2024

New EP “Psycles” Out July 2024 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

L-R – Curtis Blair – Drums, Chris Chapman – Bass, Shane Hawco – Vocals, Ben Harbak – Guitar
Photo Credit by Dana Zuk

Culled, the politically-charged, sludge-encrusted grind band hailing from Edmonton, Canada, is proud to announce the release of their newest single “Halo of Flies”, which is the first look at their upcoming EP “Psycles” coming out on July 26th on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The record has been long-awaited since the release of their debut, 2018’s “Thin the Herd, Fail to Learn”. The band comments on the single:

“We wanted to bring a direct intensity and ferocity for our lead single to show just how different this release will be from our debut. Directly addressing the harms and trauma caused by the patriarchy and our collective roles in it. It goes beyond the history of harm, and oppression of 50% of our society but also addresses the manipulation to propagate the myth that a majority of our society needs to be subservient to our masters who have been gifted privilege by simply being born in the right color, shape and righteous area of the world.”

The lead track is another quick and intense battering. It showcases how formidable Culled is, in their present state with a lineup change including Chris Chapman on bass and Curtis Blair on drums. With a blend of slow crushing sludge and blistering speed and chaos of grindcore “Halo of Flies” delivers a powerful message urging empathy over apathy in today’s unpredictable political and ethical climate. It is recommended for fans of Napalm Death, Nasum, and Pig Destroyer.

Watch and listen to the music video for “Halo of Flies” via Slamworld Wide –

Spotify –

Due out on July 26th from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, “Psycles” is available for album pre-order (CD / Digital/ Bundles) at and (Cassettes/ Vinyl/ Digital)

Culled Cover240612

Track Listing:
1. Trauma of History (7:22)
2. Psycles (1:45)
3. Coercion (3:14)
4. Halo of Flies (1:54)
5. Excision (Lost Cause) (6:40)
EP Length: 20:57

EP Band Line Up:
Ben Harbak – Guitar
Chris Chapman – Bass
Curtis Blair – Drums
Shane Hawco – Vocals

More info: | Facebook |

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