I, CURSED released a second single Sorrower from their upcoming Death Holograms EP

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Promo picture by Jerkka Perälä

Combining angry and furious death metal and grindcore, I, Cursed is the brutal band of Eero Haula and Ville-Veikko Laaksonen, who are known from AtlasesMarto and Oceanwake, among others. 

The second single Sorrower is released today and it’s available on essential streaming services:

The “Blades” and Sorrower singles are part of the new “Death Holograms” EP to be released later on July 17th 2024. The upcoming EP is produced by I, Cursed and Jerkka Perälä of Soft Neon Audiovisual, whose handprint can be heard and seen in the mixing, mastering, cover art and lyric video for the “Death Holograms” EP. The release of the singles and the “Death Holograms” EP is handled in cooperation by Finnish record labels Inverse Records and Meara Music which is also an agency and event producer based in Ulvila. 

The band comments Sorrower single:
“Sorrower” is the second single from the forthcoming I, Cursed EP. Where the EP’s debut single “Blades” was pure roasting and brutalization, “Sorrower” is a more dynamic and pedestrian crushing death metal/grindcore jam whose desolation drives the mind to figuratively tear down houses. “Sorrower” is accompanied by a visualizer video for promotion. The “Sorrower” single is released by small label Meara Music in collaboration with Inverse Records.” 

LISTEN the first single ‘Blades’ on streaming services:


Combining angry and furious death metal and grindcore, I, Cursed, from the Pori / Ulvila area, is a brutal dredging of Ville-Veikko Laaksonen and Eero Haula, known from Atlases, Marto and Oceanwake, among others, which is fed to the Finnish metal scene in an atonal coldness. Operating as a duo outside the performance stages, I, Cursed’s music is a mix of something old and familiar, the HM-2 sound of Swedish grind, and somewhat more modern and crushing production. The live line-up is filled by guitarist Nico Brander from Marto and drummer Arttu Leppänen from Atlases and Marto. FFO Coldworker, Gadget, Nasum & Rotten Sound.  


Eero Haula – Vocals (Oceanwake)

Ville-Veikko Laaksonen – Bass & guitar (Atlases, Marto)

Live line-up:

Eero Haula – Vocals

Ville-Veikko Laaksonen – Bass

Nico Brander – Guitar (Blood Service, Marto)

Arttu Leppänen – Drums (Atlases, Marto)


I, Cursed / Blood Service S/T Split EP 2023 (Meara Music)

Bloodsoaked / Storm Parade Double Single 2023 (Meara Music)

Blades Single 2024 (Inverse Records / Meara Music)

Sorrower Single 2024 (Inverse Records / Meara Music)

Death Holograms Single & EP 2024 (Inverse Records / Meara Music)


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