NIGHTHÄMMER – Oakland Black Metal Crew Announce Debut Album “Land of Fear,” Pre-Orders Now Available via Inferna Profundus

Debut album due out June 28 via Inferna Profundus Records


American black metal outfit NIGHTHÄMMER has announced its debut album Land of Fear, due out June 28 via Inferna Profundus Records.

Born in the vilest gutters of Oakland, NIGHTHÄMMER was conceived by guitarist Coffin in 2023. Shortly thereafter, drummer Grond and bassist Frost Tormentor joined the ranks, and the trio plunged into Earhammer Studio to record Land of Fear with the renowned Greg Wilkinson (AutopsyBrainoilNecrot), crafting their formidable sonic heresy.

Channeling the spirit of second-wave black metal titans like GorgorothImmortalDarkthrone and Deströyer 666NIGHTHÄMMER fuses thrash and d-beat into their blitzkrieg of speed-driven riffs, thunderous drums, eerie leads and retching screams with invocations from the apostolic occult.

According to the band, “Land of Fear is an aural odyssey across an irradiated Earth when omni-corporations have finally merged into a sole sycophantic theocratic vision of complete and total domination, pitting what remains of the human race and Earth’s resources against the solemn, cold ultimatum: join or die.”

Prepare to ride the cracking thunder and traverse the Land of Fear, due out June 28 on vinyl and cassette via the band and Inferna Profundus Records, respectively.

NighthÄmmer Cover240612

1. Land of Fear
2. Land of Fear (Reprise)
3. Pelt of the Wolf
4. Gilded String of the Exalted Oppressor
5. Killing Frosts
6. Impregnable Black Night
7. Delumina

FFO: Gorgoroth, Immortal, Darkthrone, Deströyer 666  

PRE-ORDER (vinyl):

PRE-ORDER (cassette):

Coffin – guitars, vocals
Frost Tormentor – bass
Grond – drums  

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