STONE HORNS New Video “Grasping the Embers of Exile”

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Today, Stone Horns have unveiled a visualizer for their track “Grasping the Embers of Exile” from their third studio album “Chimaira” released on last January 26th. The full-length features seven groove-laden hell-bent tracks, that tell the story of an odyssey of being rejected by all and thirsting for revenge. It explores life’s thirst for recognition, whatever its form. Through its various acts, the story continues in different states, colors, and landscapes. A raw, merciless finality that leaves little room for breath in this torment of violence. We’re all chasing a chimera, but isn’t it the chimera that’s chasing us? That’s the question this album tries to answer, combining freshness and warmth, violence and peace, waves, and digressions.

With their headbanging groove, this third studio offering “Chimaira” is a culmination of all the band’s experiments to date. This is the band’s most accomplished album to date, both in terms of composition and production. The band’s long-time fans will be satisfied, but they also hope to bring in new fans with this record, with a slightly more modern production. Each track has its own universe on this full length, but it’s also part of a whole, because like their previous albums, “Chimaira” is a concept album.

“There’s something for every metal taste and color. The aim of this album is for fans of every sub-genre of metal to be able to say to themselves at some point when listening to it: “I really like that beat”. “Chimaira” is a bit like the child of “The Beast Inside” (2018) and “Rise of Apophis” (2021)”. says the band.

Since today Stone Horns is sharing their new video visualizer for the track “Grasping the Embers of Exile”!

Check it out at–ty1yH6FSE

Digital –

Recommended listening for fans of Machine Head, Devildriver, Slipknot, Lamb of God and Jinjer, Stone Horns‘ third full-length is available from Rockshots Records on CD at and digitally at

STONE HORNS – Grasping the Embers of Exile (OFFICIAL VISUALIZER)
Stone Horns231014

Track Listing:

1. Grasping the Embers of Exile – 7:51
2. No Mercy – 3:58
3. Terra Genesis – 3:31
4. Age of Chimairas – 4:10
5. Chrysalis – 4:52
6. In the Clutches of the Abyss – 5:29
7. Echoes of a Fallen Empire – 5:24

Album Length: 35:18

Album Credits:
Music: David Viard, Antoine Roszak, Mathis Lakermance, Damien Servais
Lyrics: David Viard
Guitars: Mathis Lakermance, Damien Servais, Antoine Roszak
Bass: Antoine Roszak, David Viard
Drums : Maël Taguelmint
Vocals: David Viard
Production, Antoine Roszak, David Viard
Mix and Mastering, Antoine Roszak
Covers & Arts : David Viard, helped by IA
Cover « Age of Chimairas » : Mrdrfckr Art and David Viard

More info: | |

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