WARHYMN announce new EP, “Occult Fire”


Bucharest, Romania based Black Metal band WARHYMN announce the follow-up to their 2022 EP “Cult of Primordials“, a 3 tracks new effort titled “Occult Fire“!

Here’s what the band had to say about it: “We can proudly announce that in the very early days of July the “Occult Fire” EP will kick in Loud Rage Music Bandcamp collection and all streaming platforms!

The artwork is depicted from the “Paradise Lost Catalogue” by French illustrator Gustave Dore and was adapted to an even more darker visual style in order to deliver the theme and mood we want to bring to the table.

This material features the “Occult Fire” single that will also be part of our next full length and two more songs, carefully chosen from our debut “Gnosis“, completely re-recorded from scratch and rebranded as “Occult Fire Versions“. It was mixed and mastered by Andrei Alexandru Bogdan of Grand Way Studios, with whom we had a great working experience. The songs are also meant to be a test of production for our next full length that will hopefully be out in the later days of 2025 and will be our most ambitious material so far!”

Warhymn Cover240613

Occult Fire EP tracklist:

01. Occult Fire – Lucifer’s Hymn
02. Descendants ov Cain (Occult Fire Version)
03. Originea (Occult Fire Version)

* tracks 1 and 2 – music by Warhymn – Lyrics by Shavy
* track 3 – music by Ritco Florin and Warhymn – Lyrics by Ritco Florin

Occult Fire EP Line-up:

Shavy : Guitars/Vocals/Orchestration
Rizea : Guitars/Vocals
Hex : Bass Guitar
Philip: Drums

WARHYMN recently released a new single, “Originea“, that will be part of the upcoming EP:


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