Crust punk madmen GORGONCHRIST strike back with new album, And Justice For Balls!


After another year of broken promises and lies, pretension and pontification while the war machine runs amok, humanity crawls ever closer to the precipice of annihilation. The point of no return lies miles behind us, hidden beneath yellowing bones and calcifying bullshit. Yet cutting through the anguished wailing of the bereaved, the bitter tears of the destitute and the hollow speeches of the still wilfully blind comes the sound of laughter…uproarious, uncontrolled, utterly unhinged hilarity. And over the crest of the hill comes the tattered jester of Gorgonchrist, kicking up ashes in his smouldering motley. He brings no words of comfort, no insights or wisdom, just madness and merriment as he dances to the end…

Since the last Gorgonchrist album, 2023s gloriously nonsensical Fish In A Mountain, mankind has continued to plough its ridiculous, suicidal furrow, providing all the black inspiration for a follow up. Some might say that with the world in such a laughably tragic and devastated state, a new Gorgonchrist album is something of a necessity…and here it is – And Justice For Balls; ten new paeans to the spiritual poverty of our species. Harsh truths dressed in lunatic pantomime garb, vicious dissections of the selfishness that outlasts death and grotesque gyrating on the defiled remnants of the concept of justice.  Opening fire with the raging crust punk pit riffs of ‘Toaster Inferno’, a tight, compact, gut-punching track, it is immediately apparent that while they’re laughing all the way to the grave, musically Gorgonchrist are no joke. From the adrenaline infused attack of ‘Pork Sword Of Damocles’ to the snarling metal of ‘The Dragon’s Treasure’ this is high quality sonic violence. Gorgonchrist have absolutely nailed who and what they are and the results are superb. The demented irreverence of the ‘Questions From A Victorian Mortuary’ series of tracks returns, but it’s in the likes of the relentless, remorseless ‘Anal Civilisation’ and the mammoth marriage of sludge and insanity that is ‘Dr. Lovefire’ that And Justice For Balls’ power truly lies. This album will grind you into oblivion and then grind you up again for good measure.

Superbly produced, mixed and mastered, giving each element of the Gorgonchrist sound the room to snarl, spit and violate to maximum effect and adorned in the most discomforting of artwork, And Justice For Balls will be found writhing in the guts of our eviscerated society from July 12th – casually dumped on street corners everywhere by Road To Masochist. Available on CD and vinyl, this is an album for our times – the end times – and Gorgonchrist are your house band for the impending apocalypse.

Jaff – Bass/Vocals
Carps – Guitar/Vocals
Si – Drums

Genre: Crust Punk/Sludge Metal
For fans of: Discharge | Trap Them | Fukpig | Anti Cimex

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GORGONCHRIST release the raging black filth of The Blood Of Endangered Species on an unsuspecting world! Out now on Clobber Records!


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