Sci-fi themed tech death metal band SPACECORPSE to release new EP ‘SHAPESHIFTER’

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SPACECORPSE’s brand of cosmic powered death metal is as dense as a black hole and as impermeable as the crushing weight of existence.  Like an asteroid wiping out everything in its path, ‘SHAPESHIFTER,’ offers pulverizing riffs, a dynamic rhythm section and harrowing vocals that are beyond our world. 

SPACECORPSE emerged from Denver, Colorado and quickly made a name for themselves by captivating audiences with tight live shows that showcase their innovative blend of blistering death metal, spacey textures, and gravity-crushing breakdowns.  The band started their journey in 2023 by securing an opening slot on “The Labyrinth Tour 2023” alongside ARKAIK, FIRST FRAGMENT, A WAKE IN PROVIDENCE, GREYLOTUS & CHAMBER MAGE. 

SHAPESHIFTER,” is a journey into a void of blackness, texturized by synths and spacey soundscapes. However, it is a death metal album first and foremost, ensuring the songs never compromise on providing brutality and intensity as large as the universe. 

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