Take Up Arms With SIEGE PERILOUS’ “Oathsworn” Off Upcoming EP “Creation’s Call” Out August 2024

New EP “Creation’s Call” Out August 2024

Siege Perilous240512
L-R: Cody Martinez (Guitar) | Scott Hancock (Guitar) | Shaughnessy McDaniel (Vocals) | Mark Girard (Drums) | Eric Fischer (Bass)
Photo Credit: Underhill Imagery

Prepare to raise your swords and pledge your allegiance to the realm of metal as Denver’s Siege Perilous unleashes their latest single “Oathsworn” off their upcoming EP “Creation’s Call”, coming out August 23, 2024. The single is a thunderous anthem of loyalty and brotherhood, which will transport listeners to the heart of battle as the band explains:

“Oathsworn really highlights so much of what we as a band are about in one song. Firstly, it’s based on a major plotline from our Live-Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) and one that really shook the foundation of the world in which we were playing in which made it incredibly easy to transition into a great song. We really love the driving intensity of this song as it comes out of the gate swinging and doesn’t stop.”

“Oathsworn” tells the story of a world-ending evil that can only be stopped by going back in time to prevent its rise. It has darkness and epicness in equal measure and will suck fans into Siege Perilous’ fantasy world and share a dark adventure with them.

As the drums of war thunder and the guitars cry out in defiance, Siege Perilous rallies their fans to stand tall in the face of adversity. They beckon listeners to take up arms and march alongside the warriors of metal. Metalheads, raise your banners high and heed the call of the “Oathsworn”, which is especially recommended to those who enjoy Manowar, Iron Maiden, and Wind Rose.

Watch and listen to the video for “Oathsworn” via its premiere on Bravewords HERE.

“Creation’s Call” is due out on August 23, 2024, and available for digital pre-save at and made available at band’s online store –

Previous single “Sons of the Verdant” at the following links:

Lyric Video –

Spotify –

Siege Perilous Cover240615

Track Listing:
1. Oathsworn (3:13)
2. Across the Rubicon (3:42)
3. Sons of the Verdant (4:49)
4. Creation’s Call (4:03)
5. Brothers of the Five (5:13)

Band Lineup (Album and Live):
Shaughnessy McDaniel – Vocals
Scott Hancock – Guitar
Cody Martinez – Guitar
Eric Fischer – Bass
Mark Girard – Drums

More info: | | |

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