LEGIONARY’s ‘Prison Realm’ EP Out Now and Streaming!

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Bronx-based, one-man Melodic Death/Thrash Band Legionary has released new EP, Prison Realm on all digital platforms! Stream/purchase at the links that follow:

“An unstoppable force of nature with a lethal injection of Death Thrash.”

– Metal Noise (8.5/10)

“A great EP for new fans, and a huge step-up for the loyal faithfuls.”

– The Metal Robot

A really energetic and hard hitting EP. Meaty melodic metal and thrash with all the best elements thrown in the mix.”

– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“It’s light, aggressive, and incredibly catchy. It draws influences from Sylosis, The Black Dahlia Murder, and At the Gates, but with a more accessible tone that never falls into cringe.”

– Metal Eclipse Reviews

“One of those works that are processed and enjoyed from the first listen.”

– Metallerium

“A maelstrom of technicality, virtuosity and musicality.”

– Olivier No Limit

Legionary main man Frank D’Erasmo issued the following statement about the new EP:

“For years, I’ve been wanting to have a clean singer on a Legionary record. As my melodies continued to get better, it just seemed like the next logical progression for me to take. I did everything else that I wanted to musically (write an 11-minute epic, write multiple brutal/epic EPs), so it just seemed like the right time. This new EP features Chris Clancy, vocalist of Mutiny Within, so fans of his work should love this EP. The first three tracks are brand new and mix the past brutal elements of Legionary with a new proggy feel, as well as the clean vocals. The melodies on this EP are my strongest yet, and I truly believe people will find that these tracks have a lot of replay value! The final track is a remake of an old Legionary song (the title track from our one and only album, Arcane Divisions). The original recording was less than stellar, but we always loved the track, so re-recording it felt like a great idea. This EP blends the new with the old!” – Frank D’Erasmo

FFO: Kreator, Death, Into Eternity, Iced Earth

Track Listing:

1. Question Everything [Video]

2. Prison Realm [Video]

3. Neuroweaponry

4. Arcane Divisions (Remake)

EP Credits:

All Music written by Frank D’Erasmo.

All Lyrics written by Frank D’Erasmo (Except “Arcane Divisions”, which was originally written by Tim Rocheny, and revised by Brian Kingsland).

Guitar Solos written by Tony Barhoum.

Mixed/Mastered by Ben Karas.

Artwork: Frank D’Erasmo


Tracks 1-3:

Frank D’Erasmo: Rhythm Guitars, Drums & Bass

Tony Barhoum: Lead Guitars

Chris Clancy: Vocals

“Arcane Divisions” Line-up:

Frank D’Erasmo: Rhythm Guitars & Drums

Tony Barhoum: Lead Guitars

Mike Carra: Bass

Brian Kingsland: Vocals



Legionary is a death/thrash/melodic metal band, originally formed in The Bronx. Legionary once played live regularly, but is now a one-man band headed by mastermind Frank D’Erasmo (Drums/Rhythm Guitars/Main Composer). Frank uses the services of some of the best metal musicians in the Tri-State area, and is currently dedicated to doing studio projects only at the moment.

The band was established in 2007 by Frank. Although Frank put an album to works immediately, it wasn’t until early 2010 that a complete line-up had been achieved.

Legionary’s self-titled demo was released in September of 2010, and quickly received high praise amongst New York and New Jersey metalheads. The demo includes two original tracks, “Deceiver” and “Awakening Reprisal.” The performance earned Frank the honor of being enlisted on “Sick Drummer Magazine” the website.

Legionary’s full length debut album titled Arcane Divisions (later remixed/remastered in late 2014) was released on iTunes in April 2012. It consists of 10 pulverizing tracks, each of which has their own identity. The album continues where the demo left off, but this time punishes you for nearly 50 minutes with riff after riff.

On April 16, 2013, Legionary released a 4 song EP titled Path Of Tyranny. The songs are politically themed, average around 4 minutes, and feature a new tuning for the band. The songs are in D standard tuning, which is a change from their usual C standard tuning. Regardless of the higher tuning, these songs are quite possibly Legionary’s most intense to date, and feature a more thrashy/”epic” feel. The goal this time around was to have a more modern sounding mix.

The Once And For All EP, released in May of 2014, raised the bar even higher. These are the most mature and most technical Legionary songs ever, and feature the return of ex-lead guitarist Tony Barhoum, and newcomer Mike Dreher (Bassist for Condition Critical & Lich King).

The trend continues to this day, as Legionary looks to push their musical abilities to their limits on each release!

Legionary on Spotify

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