LORDS OF THE TRIDENT – New Video Single Out + New EP Coming + Drummer NOT KILLED

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Epic power metal warriors LORDS OF THE TRIDENT are preparing to shock the world with the announcement of their new EP V.G.E.P. (Video Game EP) on October 1st, where every track takes inspiration from the band’s favorite video games. The EP made its shadow drop as a timed exclusive release for LORDS OF THE TRIDENT’s Patreon supporters. Anyone who pledges $5 or more to the LORDS OF THE TRIDENT Patreon gets immediate access to download the full EP as well as the band’s last four albums, 25+ live albums, 10+ singles, and more

In conjunction with the EP announcement, the band is unleashing the first single and music video for the track To Kill a God â€“ quite literally a shocking, lightning-charged performance. As frontman Fang VonWrathenstein explains: “As far as I’m aware, we’re the first band on earth to play the drums while getting hit by lightning. We sent over 100,000 volts of electricity through our drummer as he played, and as cool as it looks on video, it was absolutely breathtaking to see in real life…Good thing, too: getting shocked by those smaller Tesla coils on the front might not immediately kill you, but it would hurt pretty bad. The big one in the back, though? That’s pretty much instant death. His wife kept texting me every 20 minutes to ask if he was still alive!” Check out the electrifying new music video for To Kill a God HERE:

Link to video on YouTube:

The video concept stemmed from the band witnessing an EDM show that integrated massive homemade Tesla coils into the performance. Contacting the coil makers, the LORDS hatched a plan to take things to dangerous new heights by wiring up their drummer in a protective chainmail suit to withstand the colossal electric currents.

With their trademark theatrical production values and musicianship, LORDS OF THE TRIDENT continue cementing their reputation as one of heavy metal’s most electrifying live acts. Since 2008, the band has toured worldwide, opening for giants like HELLOWEEN and STEEL PANTHER and appearing at major festivals across the US, Japan, and Europe.

Stream To Kill a God here 

Tracklist V.G.E.P.:

To Kill a God
Master of Speed
Jet Set City
The Ballad of Jon Milwaukee

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Born from a volcano containing metal and steel, Fang VonWrathenstein‘s immortal quest was to assemble a band of the most metal warriors imaginable. After thousands of years and multiple bandmates captured or killed by the shadowy multinational group known as SPIDR, the LORDS OF THE TRIDENT are currently in their strongest lineup yet: Fang – whose voice will randomly set microphones ablaze – on lead vocals. The wrongfully disgraced aristocrat-turned-sellsword Baron Taurean Helleshaar on lead guitar. The shadowy master of samurai subterfuge Akira Metal on lead guitar. The high priest of death, Pontifex Mortis, on lead bass. And the animal-loving, percussively proficient Master Hercule “Herc” Schlagzeuger on the lead drums. Together, these warriors roam the lands in search of ever greater battles, more lustrous loot, and the strongest of heavy metal fans to join their metal army!

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