Searing British Black Metal from BLASFEME as they unleash Black Legion on July 12th!


Hailing from Bristol, England, Blasfeme first stepped from the flames of creation in 2016. From the start they were without compromise; sworn to the black and fiercely focussed on the mission that lay ahead of them. Since becoming united in perdition they have overcome adversity and tragedy and carved a bloody path through the metal underground, partaking in live rituals alongside the likes of MystifierStahlsargDevastatorTrivax and other denizens of the dark, releasing two EPs – 2017s Path Of Despair and 2021s Fuck Your Starving Planet – divided by their full length debut album, Iniquity In Salvation, which Musipedia Of Metal described as a “set of unholy hymns”. Now, after three years of refining their sounds of war, honing their blades of ritual slaughter, Blasfeme are ready to unleash their next assault upon the light, with second album Black Legion!

Black Legion begins with a series of majestic chords that usher in the full-blooded fury of ‘Purified By The High Flames Of Hell’. The howling blast of darkness is shocking in its intensity, carrying the listener on a breakneck charge through roiling clouds and lightning strikes. And then in the eye of the storm Blasfeme carve open the song with a passage of irresistible classic heavy metal riffs. With a vibrant guitar sound, ringing with power, this bold deviation from the accepted texts lifts the band above the faceless hordes left screaming in their wake. As the album progresses this entwining of devotions becomes ever more formidable…first single ‘Ritualistic Exsanguination’ rides out through a shadowed atmosphere of twisted liturgy and unspeakable horror, a charge into the open maw of hell propelled by the furious, unrelenting drums, before another magnificent metal riff cuts through the maelstrom with devastating effect. Black Legion’s finest hour though comes with the momentous title track; steel against steel warfare in an arena of tumultuous thunder. Then at the song’s heart an iron fist opens revealing an expanse of darkly melodic chords and a guitar solo that screams into the firmament before raining death like a sky obscuring volley of arrows. This incredible album concludes with ‘Bound By The Blood Upon Our Swords’, a moment of reflection in the aftermath of battle which gives a wonderful sense of completion to the carnage that has gone before; a final thread in this tapestry of consuming atmosphere and exhilarating savagery.

Blasfeme Cover240616

With evocative artwork portraying a knight in obsidian armour, crushing his enemies, Black Legion will be released by British black metal label, Wulfhere Productions on July 12th, on vinyl, CD and cassette formats. With its venomously forceful sound and enthralling atmosphere, Blasfeme have distilled an intoxicating elixir of black metal’s caustic cruelty and heavy metal’s inherent might. Nothing will stand against the onslaught of the Black Legion!

Dialgar – Bass
Moord – Guitar/Vocals
Striga Hell – Drums
Parusight – Guitar/Vocals

Genre: Black Metal
For fans of: God Seed | Immortal | Enthroned | Naglfar

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