EIHWAR Release First Single “Völva’s Chant”

Ladies, Gents, and Rampant Rebels,

Strap in and slap on your war paint, ’cause EIHWAR arrives with their debut single, “Völva’s Chant”, these neo-pagan warriors are building a bridge between nordic folk and electro music.

Emerging straight from the mystic fogs of yore, “Völva’s Chant” is their first war cry from the upcoming mayhem-soaked album, Viking War Trance. Inspired by ancient Nordic witchy-women and the potent magic of seiðr, this track bludgeons you lovingly with otherworldly trance vibes and pounding technoid beats.

Crank the chaos to eleven and slam-dance into the epic visual storm that is “Völva’s Chant,” a cinematic headbanger courtesy of the mastermind Samuel Maurin. The epic video for EIHWAR‘s debut single is out now on their YouTube channel:

Viking War Trance is out September 20 on Season of Mist.

ᛟ Pre-order & Pre-save:

Eihwar Cover240617

1. Viking War Trance (4:30)
2. Ragnarök (Viking War Trance Reforged) (7:10)
3. Völva’s Chant (4:05) [WATCH]
4. Geri And Freki (4:21)
5. Baldr (4:08)
6. Fenrir (Viking War Trance Reforged) (5:13)
7. Berserkr (Viking War Trance Reforged) (4:04)
8. Mjölnir (5:25)
9. Sir Mannelig (1:54)
Total runtime: 40:54

Viking War Trance
Country: France
FFO: Heilung, Wardruna, Danheim, Carpenter Brut

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