French Metalcore Band COMING WOLVES Released New Album “Bloodthirst Ritual”

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France-based metalcore bandCOMING WOLVESreleased its new album Bloodthirst Ritual on April 26th via Music-Records. Don’t lose it if you are a fan ofTrivium, Bring Me The HorizonandSlipknot!

After the great success of the debut album “Dark Feelings”, COMING WOLVES are back with the EP “Bloodthirst Ritual”, following the road taken with previous release, with a more powerful sound and outspoken lyrics. The songwriting tackles burning social issues, such as violence against women, government manipulation of the media and the ravages of drugs. The band adopts a unique point of view, giving voice to an omnipresent character who embodies both sides of these issues.

With “Bloodthirst Ritual”, the band delivers a musical performance of rare intensity, blending sharp guitar riffs, powerful rhythms, and catchy melodies. The lyrics, meanwhile, open your eyes to the excesses of our society, inviting the audience to think and act.

Watch the video for “Enter And Burn” here:

Fans can buy CD here:


1. Enter And Burn

2. Annihilate Me

3. Croque La Mort

4. Ephemeral Bliss

5. Of Love And Blood


Jimmy Jay – Vocals, Bass

Allan Korgan – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Striker – Drums




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