Swedish Death Metallers OPEN SURGERY Unleash the Playthrough Video of “Sub Zero Suffocation” Off Upcoming EP “Absolute Destruction”!

Open Surgery240523

Sweden-based death metal formation OPEN SURGERY has dropped a playthrough video for “Sub Zero Suffocation”, one of the songs included in the new EP “Absolute Destruction”, out on July 19th on the main digital streaming platforms via BVR Records

Watch the playthrough video for “Sub Zero Suffocation” here:

Stream/download the song on Bandcamp:

Sub Zero Suffocation” goes beyond the classic criticism of modern society and clearly states that there is no longer hope for human beings. The band therefore uses clinical terms such as hypoxia (oxygen deficiency), hypothermia and cerebral anoxia (injury following lack of oxygenation of the brain due to suffocation) to describe the common fate of all of us: “dying for air”, without having truly lived. 

Featuring 9 brand-new tracks for half an hour of playing time, “Absolute Destruction” is a must for those liking bands such as Morbid Angel, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Entombed

Absolute Destruction is the fourth release from OPEN SURGERY. Everything is turned up a notch, both writing and production, as well as performance. The band stays true to its lyrical theme – the abnormalities in human nature. Also the Florida plus Stockholm-influenced Death Metal is kept intact!

Open Surgery Cover240523

OPEN SURGERY has also revealed the tracklist. You can read it here below: 

1. Ring of Absolute Destruction

2. Divine Asphyxiation

3. Ceremonial Collector of Skulls

4. Psychotic Flamethrower Maniac

5. Serial Sodomy

6. Sub Zero Suffocation

7. Corpus os Impurum

8. Unrelenting Massacre

9. Amphibious Assault




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