Austrian Progressive Doom Metal act GLARE OF THE SUN reveal first single from new album TAL

Glare Of The Sun240621

Colossus is the first single from the band’s third album TAL, set to be released on September 13th via Lifeforce Records.

With a world in ruins, there comes a new sun. This is the evolution which “TAL” is all about. Intense and relentless, 

“TAL” is an immersive experience through sonic landscapes and contrasting atmospheres. 

On its third full length, GLARE OF THE SUN combine orchestral layers with heavy guitars and vocals, creating an emotional listening experience with lots of dynamics and details to discover. 

Guest vocals are provided by J.J. (Harakiri For The Sky, Karg) and Maffi (Collapse7, ex-Pungent Stench).

Founded in 2013, the band with members from Austria and Germany moves in the shallows and soundscapes between prog, post, shoegaze and doom metal. More important than the question of the styles used is the question of the effect – both in the obvious and the subtle. Like on their previous two albums, “Soil” (2017) and “Theia” (2019), the compositions of “TAL” demand attention from their listeners, running deep and revealing their secrets over time.


Glare Of The Sun Cover240621

01. Colossus

02. Rain

03. Äon

04. Relikt (guest vocals by Mario Klausner, ex-Pungent Stench)

05. Stonefall

06. Leaving Towards Spring (guest vocals by J.J., Harakiri For The Sky)

07. Amnesty

08. Storm of Light (CD/ Digital only)

09. Horizon (CD/ Digital only)


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