Canada’s THE APHELION Put A Prog Metal Spin On Human Vulnerability w/ New Single “Fragility” Off New Album “Nascence” Out Aug 2024

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L-R – James Cabral (Guitar/Keyboard), Tyler Davis (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Nate Livingstone (Drums), Evan Haydon-Selkirk (Vocals/Bass/Secondary Keyboard),
Photo Credit – Dark Moon Productions

Ottawa, Canada’s progressive metal titans The Aphelion are thrilled to announce the release of their latest single “Fragility” from their eagerly awaited concept album “Nascence”, which will be available on August 9, 2024. The single is a cross-section of influences from classical music to Radiohead, to musical theatre, while still stepping heavily into the band’s love of more contemporary progressive metal and they comment:

“Fragility is where the first real cracks in the protagonist’s psyche begin to form. The man awakens one morning remembering nothing but violence, and yet his wife lays sleeping peacefully next to him and nothing is out of place. He begins to wonder if he has had a vision of death, and whether it was his death or hers that he saw, and fears that the worst has yet to come. Musically, the song is a blend of classical orchestration, art rock sensibilities, and heavy riffs.”

In the single, The Aphelion wanted to capture the essence of vulnerability that we all experience. “Fragility” is a testament to the beauty and strength found in our weakest moments. To them, it’s a track that resonates on a deeply personal level, both musically and lyrically. As part of the “Nascence” album, it serves as a crucial piece in the overarching narrative that explores themes of philosophy and the human condition.

The intrepid group of Evan Haydon-Selkirk (lead vocals, bass guitar, keyboard), James Cabral (guitar, keyboard), Tyler Davis (guitar, backing vocals), and Nathanael Livingstone (drums, percussion) have cemented their place in the Canadian progressive metal scene through nearly a decade of intense collaboration and dynamic live performances. They are recommended listening for fans of Leprous, Opeth and Between the Buried and Me.

Watch “Fragility” via its premiere on Ghost Cult Magazine HERE.

Due out on August 9th, 2024, album pre-order for “Nascence” is available at

Music Video – “Deserter” –

Music Video – “Flight” –

Spotify –

The Aphelion Cover240608

Track Listing:
1. Prenascent (2:38)
2. Nascence (6:55)
3. The Seed of Doubt (5:26)
4. Fragility (5:49)
5. The Heavy Mist (5:31)
6. Flight (6:48)
7. The Interloper (6:36)
8. Deserter (7:45)
Album Length (47:28)

More info: | |

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