Doom/Death Metal Band SOLNEGRE Explores the Dark Corners of Self-Determination and Dependency with New Mini-EP “Annihilation Of The Self”


The Spanish doom/death metal act SOLNEGRE has released a new mini-EP, entitled “Annihilation Of The Self”. Composed by a meaningful intro, “The Paradox” and a massive 22-minutes title-track, “Annihilation Of The Self” automatically falls under the “Death/Doom Masterpiece” category. Fans of the genre will love the melancholic melodies as well as the inexorable but descriptive progression of the song.

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With its crushing riffs and oppressive atmosphere, “Annihilation Of The Self” delves on the oppressive realms of cultic mind control and the erasure of one’s own identity and the self-acceptance of dependence and negation of self-identity, paralleling the massive length, the nuanced storytelling and the narrative depth and complexity of works like Edge of Sanity’s “Crimson”, Opeth’s “Black Rose Immortal” among others.

What you are about to listen to is the reflection of a journey through the darkest corners of human influence and control. Through the years, I quietly navigated the confines of cult-like assemblies, where individual thoughts were submerged under the tide of a collective will, a greater good to fight for; and this profoundly shaped my understanding of freedom and self-identity.

The leaders were invariably both magnetic and menacing, and exploited all possible vulnerabilities, crafting a narrative that made dependency equal success and equal belonging. The erasure of self was not only imposed but also embraced. The number of miserable deeds of manipulation I’ve witnessed is uncountable, and standing as a silent observer was both disheartening and enlightening. This has often filled me with a profound sense of melancholy and hopelessness.

The lyrics, the melodies, the crushing pressure, and the sense of impending cataclysm in “Annihilation of the Self” explore this paradox, where the loss of personal identity becomes intertwined with a perverse yet sweet sense of superiority, belonging and purpose.

This track, preceded by a dreamy and eerier Intro named “The Paradox”, is an ode to the shadows where some find solace. It delves into the psyche of those who, out of fear, desperation, or disillusionment, grow to prefer and finally to love the chains of absolute control to the uncertainties and ventures of self-determination.

Through a portrayal of my own journey and those observed around me, this massive 22’ song offers a somber reflection on the (already) miserable human condition, as well as the contradiction of desiring one’s own domination and finally wasting one’s life.” – Gebre

Initial narration excerpt from the infamous “Exit Tapes” by “TLLODY” (RIP). Guitar solos by Carolina Martin. Vocal tech and recording by Nico Beninato at Kimera Recordings. Mixed and mastered by Toni Salvà at Diorama Sound. Artwork by Disturbing Grace Design.

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